Holomovement, Holons and the Building Blocks of the Cooperative World

Building meaningful connections is a life-long practice. A relationship founded in trust, compassion and love requires one to give up a sense of independence to immerse their whole being in this energetic blending. This doesn’t mean we lose our sense of self, but rather we embody our cosmic origins, a lesson we can all learn from the humble “holon.”

Finding Hope in the Holomovement

We need a strategic plan. A transformative movement of this magnitude also needs a name to rally around, one I propose calling the Holomovement.

Personal Peace for Purposeful Social Action

Never before has there been such a sense of urgency to transform society and save our planet, and with good reason. Civilization is on a cliff’s edge, precariously balanced between a breakdown or breakthrough in our cultural evolution. Our social, financial and environmental systems are deteriorating, a global pandemic is wreaking havoc on our daily lives and cultural and social …

Living Your Purpose In a Global Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has often felt like a collective, near-death experience at a global scale. It’s been a wake-up call to our fragile systems and way of life that’s shaken us momentarily awake to the present in every country around the world. A chapter has closed on life as we’ve known it, but this crisis is also unveiling an unprecedented …

Creating a Culture With Purpose

Lately, I have spent a considerable amount of time reflecting on the theme of “creating a culture with purpose.” In choosing that phrase, I’ve also put in a lot of thought into the preposition to use that captures my intentions. I played with creating a culture “OF” purpose, “ON” purpose and finally settled on the word “WITH” as the best …