David Bohm: Inspiring a Movement of Movements through Science and Spirit

I was first introduced to David Bohm back in 1984 when one of my spiritual teachers recommended that I read Bohm’s Wholeness and the Implicate Order. At that time I’d always been looking for a name, an idea, to bring the movement of movements together.

As I read that book, I found the term ‘holomovement,’ and for me it was the most beautiful concept I had come across in describing the oneness of consciousness. What’s more, it’s a great term, a single word describing a movement of wholeness. What could be better? 

I took a great interest in Bohm’s life, not only in his work as a physicist, but as a human being. He was a good friend of Krishnamurti, the Dalai Lama called him his scientific guru, and he was a man widely respected as a visionary. Unfortunately, you might say he was a little too far ahead of his time. 

It’s exciting now to see his work finally being vindicated by three physicists awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2022 who’s work validated his 1952 theory of non-locality, which is essential for Bohm’s original theory of quantum physics to work. This recognition came a little over 70 years after his original paper, but better late than never for a great idea whose time has come. 

Bohm believed there is an Implicate order, which is the source of consciousness and the field holding the infinite potential of the universe. The Implicate order, via the holomovement, expands and grows into the Explicate order as manifest reality. It’s an unbroken wholeness, the unbounded consciousness of the universe, and the holomovement is what ties it together. 

This theory offers an explanation of how we can all be ‘one’ despite what appears to be a reality of separate beings. Bohm seems to have created the most plausible, at least from my point of view, theory of quantum physics and how it works offering a unified worldview that we can collectively embrace for the good of the whole.

A Life Beyond  Scientific Pursuits

The story of David Bohm’s life, his physics, his philosophy, his work on creativity and dialogue, continues to inspire me today. His approach to physics began with a belief in science as a tool for truth. But the challenges he faced throughout his life as a physicist would begin to shift that perspective and Bohm “began to feel that something beyond science would be needed… Science alone could not be guaranteed to be used to benefit mankind.” 

His theory of quantum physics was largely ignored for decades because Bohm was fired from his position at Princeton for refusing to answer questions from the House Committee on Un-American Activities about his affiliation with the Communist party during his years as a student at Berkeley. Exiled from the United States, Bohm went first to Brazil, then Israel and finally to England to continue his work. 

During his time in Bristol, England he began to study Eastern and Western Philosophy and developed a friendship with Krishnamurti. They found common ground in their beliefs in the nature of thought, reality and consciousness that supported his theory of our interconnectedness.

He writes in The Undivided Universe: “The notion of a separate organism is clearly an abstraction, as is also its boundary. Underlying all this, is unbroken wholeness even though our civilization has developed in such a way as to strongly emphasize the separation into parts.”

Choosing Love in Collaboration with Science to Transform the World

Despite being exiled from his country and ignored by his peers, Bohm continued to believe that we are entwined as co-creators in our evolution. Simply put, I believe Bohm chose ‘love’ as our natural state of being.

This bold pursuit and belief, against the orthodoxy of fear and scarcity pervasive in both Bohm’s and our current time, is what will allow us to embrace our collective purpose and unite humanity.

Luckily, a growing number of leaders are also choosing to follow their hearts in compassionate service. Scarlett Lewis is one of the United States’ most high-profile architects of change. She co-founded the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement™ after her son was murdered during the Sandy Hook tragedy in December 2012.

I first spoke with Scarlett last month and am thrilled to announce her organization will be a primary partner with the Holomovement. Highlighted on her Choose Love website is one of many testimonies to her strength and compassion. On the homepage she asks of us:

“My challenge to you is this: Be mindful of practicing your courage to choose love — every day, in every interaction and in every situation.”  

When we last spoke, Scarlett shared another thoughtful reminder. She said; “Remember, you have a choice. In every decision, we are either choosing love or fear.” I couldn’t agree more.

Finding Momentum in Radical Collaboration

Bohm’s life work of reconciling our unbroken wholeness and now the ongoing efforts of the Holomovement require both science and spirit, truth and compassion. We each play a critical role in building this momentum. Let’s honor our sense of purpose to serve the greater good. Whether it’s a ripple effect of change through Holon projects or harvesting wisdom from communities both on and offline, it’s time to take action with compassion. Scarlett believes, like many of the Holomovement Anthology contributors:When we help and heal others, we help and heal ourselves… Love is strong.” 

The best way to start the healing process is to forgive. If a mother like Scarlett can find forgiveness for the individual who took her son’s life, we can be deeply inspired to explore the depths of  our own hearts to find forgiveness for others and ourselves.  It is a kind of superpower. And while embodying radical forgiveness is no small feat, Scarlett points out that forgiveness is the number one value cited by children.  

It will be the radical collaboration of Science and Spirit, of Accountability and Forgiveness, and of diverse organizations and projects that will energize the Holomovement and this transformative work. Find those that inspire and empower you, who are willing to forgive and move on, learn from elders and the next generations, and activate your gifts. In our interconnectedness, we are empowered by hope, meaning and evolutionary direction to transform the world.  

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  1. Great intro to the Bohm work and the Holomovement. Looking forward to going deeper into this field, and its promises for a world in chaos.

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