Embracing the Co-Creative Spirit of Elevated Group Consciousness

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With January nearly coming to a close, we’re seeing the narrative of 2024 already unfolding at speed. Based on what our news and social feeds are saying, there would be reason to despair. How can I possibly talk about a vision for the year ahead and conscious collaboration when the world seems to be on fire?

Yes, we are in urgent times, yet so many stories of hope, innovation and generosity are unfolding as I write this. Most will never go viral or make mainstream media. However, in this year ahead, I’m playing the optimist and believe our global family is starting to awaken to the understanding that to transform the mess we’re in requires a new kind of collective collaboration.

Perhaps 2024 is the year we finally embrace the co-creative spirit of elevated group consciousness to serve the greatest good.

Group Consciousness vs. GroupThink

‘Group consciousness’ is a term that carries a lot of tension and clarifying how it is defined within the Holomovement is essential. It is often assumed group consciousness is advocating for an alignment based on the least common denominator (usually a concept sourced from fear and scarcity) or a fancy way to describe “groupthink.” In many cases, people are on the defense with the assumption that elevated group consciousness requires the sacrifice of individual self into the cosmic soup.  

The Holomovement as a social movement defines ‘group consciousness’ as a co-creative field guided by the highest ideals, values and philosophy founded in love and wholeness. It represents a raised collective frequency made possible by individuals embodying their highest self for the good of the whole. 

This is why in the past I have focused much of my writing and talks on shifting from a fear-based, materialistic worldview, to one of wholeness, interconnectedness and abundance. It’s finding coherence by seeking Truth, Beauty and Goodness as the holotropic attractor, tapping into the infinite potential of the Implicate order, Divine Source and elevating humanity toward its highest purpose.

Group consciousness isn’t simply effective teamwork. What is urgently needed is an entirely new resonance of being. This space is not dictated by the egos and agendas of individuals. Drawing from Indigenous wisdom and scientific findings, the Holomovement’s 8 Unifying Principles offer one pathway for group consciousness to emerge. Within this co-creative space we can collectively explore what is possible when we awaken to our interconnectedness and connection to Source and take action for the good of the whole. 

This is the hope-filled vision that motivates me as our global challenges increase. We’re wired to collaborate. Even more exciting is the feedback loop this creates, ultimately enhancing the true essence of self through our connection to the whole. 

Group Consciousness as a Dynamic Process

On paper, it seems an easy sell to participate in raising our collective frequency by embodying the highest ideals and unifying values for the good of all. If we are all interconnected and want the best for humanity and our planetary ecosystem, what keeps holding us back?

Shifting our worldview from separation to Oneness requires a courageous act of shedding our cultural conditioning. We’ve been immersed in stories valuing competition over cooperation, fueled by fear and material scarcity. Awakening to a new worldview of wholeness requires exploring a new transformative path. 

In this empowering and uplifting play-space it is in unity, not uniformity, that boosts our creativity. We don’t have to sacrifice our individual soul and calling. In this co-creative group consciousness, we’re invited to surrender to the higher wisdom and Source that enhances our individual and collective transformative potential.  

Dare I say this can even be a pleasant experience? Last year in California at a Holomovement gathering, I was discussing the group consciousness phenomenon with Swami BeyondaAnanda (also known as Steve Bhaerman, co-author of “Spontaneous Evolution” with Bruce Lipton). The Swami, of course, is a funny guy and at the end of our discussion he said; “The cosmos has us surrounded. We might as well surrender.” 

“Surrendering” in this context is not giving up our self, but relaxing into the full immersion of higher wisdom held by a purposeful universe. Just like a snorkeler diving into the depths of the sea, which represents the material world, we have to come up for a breath of air no matter how comfortable and warm the water. Thus, this “surrendering” is tantamount to a lungful of fresh oxygen, giving us life and vigour in the eternal realm of the Implicate order. 

Group consciousness involves a dynamic process of surrendering to our highest calling while also amplifying the collective frequency through coherence. This is the power of entrainment, when separate groups align into the same rhythm. Like grandfather clocks in the same room gradually synchronizing the swing of their pendulums, group consciousness, for better or worse, experiences entrainment and falls into phase.  

Within the Holomovement, the key strategy for transformative and restorative group consciousness is to “entrain upwards”—aligning with a higher consciousness that pulls the group into phase at higher frequencies.

Co-Creating High-Frequency Group Consciousness

So far we’ve understood that group consciousness within the context of the Holomovement is aligning with our highest self by surrendering to the unifying values, wisdom and wholeness of a purposeful universe. By tapping into this elevated state, we contribute to a feedback loop of personal transformation amplifying the entrainment of collective frequency.

Of course, this requires intention and ongoing practice, and that is why group consciousness is a group challenge. Each member must move beyond ego and their culturally conditioned identity to really discover the true highest self within the Whole.  

Having a sense of purpose is one pathway to higher consciousness. What we’re drawn toward, our gifts and talents, these are all clues to how we can serve our community. Once we discover this personal purpose, we can evolve our understanding of this calling toward divine inspiration. 

It is an act of surrender to open to the field of higher consciousness in how our unique skill sets can be of service, beyond material wealth or achievement. So often we’re drawn back to the daily challenges and lose sight of our purpose in the illusion of separation. This is why a daily, spiritual practice supports our ability to consistently attune toward our highest potential and sustain this state of consciousness necessary for conscious collaboration. It sounds like a paradox, but the more we are willing to surrender to the good of the whole, the more enhanced our individual consciousness becomes. 

This is the vision I hold for 2024, that as a human family we begin pushing ourselves beyond our cultural conditioning and immersing ourselves into the unifying values supporting the good of the whole. Let’s find our way back to the high spiritual frequency that has been buried by materialism and modern-day culture and begin to co-create the group consciousness needed to transform the world.

Photo by Aamir Suhail on Unsplash 

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    1. Hi Nina,
      Thanks for you comment. I have been studying and experimenting with all kinds of organizational structures for over 40 years in my entrepreneurial career, particularly Sociocracy and Holacracy. You can find out more details of my thoughts by reading the blog “Building an Interpretive Community: The Challenges and Reality of Managing Group Dynamics” published on Earth Day, April 22, 2019. You can find it in the blog section of this website. Although it references Holacracy in the blog, I have also tried out Sociocracy, mainly with the Global Purpose Movement. In any case, we are now working with the Holomovement, which is a movement, not an organization, which is a whole new endeavor of organizing collaborating organizations.

  1. Dearest Emanuel,

    As always beautifully and powerfully expressed. I’m especially resonating with what you’ve shared about “surrendering to the unifying values, wisdom and wholeness of a purposeful universe, and the “feedback loop of personal transformation amplifying the entrainment of collective frequency.”

    I find myself wondering what are the ways in which we can create more containers for people from all backgrounds and orientations to experience the transformative power of “group consciousness.” It is challenging and difficult work – I can see this from so many of the groups I’ve participated in over the years. Perhaps that’s the potent doorway that focusing on “purpose,” offers as you suggest.

    “The more we are willing to surrender to the good of the whole, the more enhanced our individual consciousness becomes.”

    This is sounding like a bell inside of me and I’m also recognising a longing in me to find, anchor and root more of those spaces where that container of the whole can be found. Perhaps though necessarily, life throws us moments of deep introspection, to get more connected to the inner work that must be done before being able to engage in a deeper spirit of service. At least that’s been my experience of the last couple of years – and I’m slowly emerging out of a painful chrysalis, trusting the evolutionary imperative too.

    Good to connect here. With gratitude to you and Laura always.

    1. Hi Priya,

      Thank you for your kind words and profound thoughts. I am pleased to hear that the evolutionary impulse is leading you into a spirit of service. It’s a process we all go through. The Holomovement helps people heal themselves by healing others.

      I will follow up with more thoughts my email.


      1. Dearest Emanuel,

        Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I love what you’ve written, “The Holomovement helps people heal themselves by healing others.” This has an almost koan like quality – it’s sparking lots of curiosity and enquiry in my own being to understand and lean into this understanding more deeply.

        Looking forward to hearing more in due course.

        With gratitude, Priya

  2. I agree that we need to be interconnected and am optimistic about the future. It will take some hard work and can be accomplished. i am grateful to you.

    1. And I am grateful for your interest. There is a lot to be optimistic about, so let’s hang in there and get the good work done!

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