Creating Harmony, an Online Series

April 1,   May 13,   June 3,   August 5, 2020
An online series inspiring purposeful action from the inside out

In these challenging times of conflict, embodying a harmonious state of being may well be the most revolutionary action you can take.

Join us to explore strategies for creating a foundation of peace within ourselves, our relationships and our community. When acting from a place of love, the potential for global transformation is infinite.

In this program you’ll receive:

  • Insights and support from Emanuel Kuntzelman and Integral Transformative Practice (ITP) teachers on cultivating harmony and cooperation in diverse cultural settings
  • Strategies and practices for engaging in a new cultural space using insights from Integral Transformative Practice (ITP), Non Violent Communications (NVC) and the martial art of Aikido
  • Integral practice tips for continued momentum in social action
  • Inspiration from a supportive community of fellow practitioners
Purpose Earth Event square image

Purpose Earth: A Global Initiative to Raise Funds & Spirits

June 21, 2020
12pm – 3pm EST

A Global Online Event

This is the greatest opportunity for global change we’ve ever known, and it calls for a purposeful celebration.

Join us June 21st for PURPOSE EARTH, a global, virtual event creatively weaving our interconnected stories and catalyzing real-world impact through music, conversation, movement, and inspiration. This cross-cultural, multigenerational experience joyfully champions humanity and planet Earth as we dance, dream, and grow together.

A proud partner in World UNITY Week, this event is free, with donations welcome. Donations from this event will go toward our PURPOSE EARTH FUND, supporting innovative, grassroots organizations finding creative solutions to our social and ecological challenges.

Your attendance and support is helping young entrepreneurs, passionate community leaders and purposeful organizations launch into motion as a symbol of solidarity.

Let’s Mindfully Create A World That Unites Us All.