The Power Of Loving Synergy To Increase Our Reach And Impact

Oct. 23, 2020  |  10 A.M. PDT

Panel discussion featuring Miranda Clendening, Jim Garrison, Emanuel Kuntzelman, Tim Noe and Ben Bowler. Hosted by Terry Patten.

As part of the 11th Annual Global Oneness Summit this year, I will be participating on a panel discussing “The Power of Loving Synergy to Increase Our Reach and Impact.”
Throughout the panel, we’ll explore:

  • How what we are attempting to accomplish in our work and in the world has changed since the pandemic began.

  • How the people we are reaching has shifted, expanded, or contracted, and how their outcomes have changed as a result of this new paradigm we are now in.

  • What complications have arisen or may still be ahead of us as we continue to navigate this time and what we hope will be possible for meeting and moving beyond those challenges going forward.

  • How we can all take advantage of the synergies that exist between ourselves and others that might allow us to be more effective and expansive in all we are trying to do.


Nov. 15, 2020 |  12pm – 2pm EST

Global Virtual Event and Fundraiser

Join me in conversation during PURPOSE EARTH’s online, creative fundraising event activating purposeful and peaceful action. All proceeds go toward their grant and mentorship program supporting social entrepreneurs, passionate community leaders and purposeful organizations creating positive change.