Emanuel Kuntzelman

Emanuel Kuntzelman is an entrepreneur, writer, philosopher, philanthropist and activist for social transformation. He began his adult life by traveling the world on a decade-long quest for his spiritual purpose before beginning his professional career as an editor/writer for Readers’ Digest. Upon discovering his right livelihood in the realm of cultural exchange, he founded and managed numerous exchange organizations in Spain, the U.S. and the U.K.

Emanuel founded Greenheart International in 1985, and currently serves as Chief Advisor to the organization. He is also the co-founder of Fundación por el Futuro in Madrid, Spain, and has been its President since 1995. He is the founding co-creator of the Global Purpose Movement and Purpose Earth, and a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle. His most current project is developing the theory of the Holomovement as a movement to unite humanity through our collective purpose. 

He is a board member and/or advisor to: Greenheart International, Humanitys Team, Unity Earth, Integral Transformative Practice International, and the Laszlo Institute for New Paradigm Research. He is co-editor of the anthology Purpose Rising (2017) and the soon-to-be released book The Holomovement; Embracing Our Collective Purpose to Unite Humanity (2023). Emanuel has contributed articles to a wide variety of publications. 

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Monday, October 23rd, 11:00 am Pacific

As part of the Global Oneness Summit event, I’ll be moderating a lively panel discussion featuring Rev. Paulette Pipe, Jill Robinson, Mariko Pitts and Dr. Kurt Johnson. We’ll explore how the Holomovement embodies the fusion of science and spirituality, the Implicate Order as the source of consciousness, and the Holomovement as the sociological meta-movement to creatively unite humanity.

The Holomovement book cover

The Holomovement

The Holomovement; Embracing our Collective Purpose to Unite Humanity

The Holomovement is wholeness in motion and compassion in action working together for the betterment of all.  

The Holomovement has always existed and its evolutionary impulse is uniquely alive in each of us, weaving together the consciousness of the whole. It is a call to unity, but not uniformity. Our evolution and emergence of inherent potential depend upon planetary-scale synergistic cooperation and dynamic coevolutionary partnerships we’re nurturing in these unprecedented times. 

Explore evidence-based understanding and inspirational accounts of the living universe and our integral place in its evolution. In this grand unfolding toward ever greater levels of interdependence, you will better understand how your own purpose in the evolutionary process is critical to this movement. Find inspiration in this anthology to actively support the wholeness in motion around us, integrating your unique gifts and the Holomovement’s unifying values into a collective story of our time that serves the greatest good.

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