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Humanity's Moment of Choice: Forward Steps

September 2023, VoiceAmerica Podcast 

In this special program for 2023 INTERNATIONAL PEACE WEEK, a dozen key leaders of major global impact networks share their event and initiative plans for 2023 Peace Week and their visions on into the pivotal year of 2024. Listen to the episode here.


Illuminating the Message of Peace​

September 2023, Peace Week Interview

Dr. Kurt Johnson of the Light on Light Press speaks with seven Light on Light book authors, three of whom are Nautilus-award winners, emphasizing the transformational purposes of their books and the impacts of their success.



World Unity Week Holomovement Panel Conversation

June 2023, World Unity Week Panel Event

Emanuel Kuntzelman, Kurt Johnson, Paulette Pipe, Jill Robinson and Mariko Pitts share inspiring conversation on the Holomovement during World UNITY Week. During the panel, the group shared the inspiration for the movement, the anthology and how we can live into our interconnectedness each day.


The Holomovement; In Conversation with Greg Voisen

June 2023, Inside Personal Growth Podcast / episode 1026

On this episode of Inside Personal Growth’s podcast, host Greg Voisen leads the conversation around the Holomovement anthology. In this book, thought leaders share the science and spirit of how our interconnection can serve our global family and change the world. Transformative leaders and book contributors, Joni Carley, Emanuel Kuntzelman and Phil Clothier share their insights into this movements of movements.


Become a Leader in the World to Come

June 2023, Humanity’s Team Live Event

Renowned Interfaith Minister and Founder of The Garden of Light Rev. Deborah Moldow and entrepreneur, writer, philanthropist, and activist for social transformation Emanuel Kuntzelman join host Steve Farrell for an enlightening and informative conversation on how to “Become a Leader in the World to Come,” and how leading with love can usher in Global Unity.


Igniting the Holomovement: A Conversation with Activist and Writer Emanuel Kuntzelman

April 2023, Voices for the Future podcast episode

In this April 2023 interview co-hosted by Anodea Judith and Michael Wayne, and part of the Voices for the Future interview series, Emanuel discusses the Holomovement and his newly released book, “The Holomovement; Embracing Our Collective Purpose to Unite Humanity,” in which various writers apply this principle to cultural evolution.


Co-Creating Our Future with the Evolutionary Leaders Network

November 2022, Friday Edition of the Awakening World

The Awakening World, co-hosted by Scott Catamas and Reverend Deborah Moldow, collaborates with the Evolutionary Leader’s Network to share wisdom and inspiration with a consortium of luminaries dedicated to raising consciousness. During each show, they share how these leaders are impacting the world, both locally and globally.


The Holomovement: A Unifying Worldview for Radical Collaboration

A World UNITY Week 2022 feature presentation

In this June 2022 panel discussion, Jude Currivan, Duane Elgin, Masen Ewald and Emanuel Kuntzelman explore the cosmological, environmental and sociological implications of the Holomovement in action to transform our world.


World UNITY Week February Assembly

A February 2022 Assembly Gathering

During the World UNITY Week 2022 February Assembly, Emanuel Kuntzelman and Laura Rose beautifully capture the spirit of coming home together and “acting as ONE.”



The Holomovement and Big Picture Initiatives

An Evolutionary Leaders Discussion

In this July 2021 Evolutionary Leaders gathering, Emanuel Kuntzelman, Dr. Jude Currivan and Rick Ulfik share their big picture initiatives as part of the Evolutionary Leaders “Evolving into the Future” series. 


Exploring Unity: the Superorganism Meets the Holomovement

Humanity Rising Panel Discussion

What does it mean to live in the reality of our undivided wholeness? Enjoy the recording of this lively conversation, hosted by Humanity Rising, where I discussed the practical application of how to grow into our collective potential with Jim Garrison, Charles Eisenstein and Julie Krull.

Purpose Rising

Opening talk at Purpose Summit San Francisco 2017

From the beginning of time there has been purpose in the universe. It is the life-force that drives evolution and awakens the human spirit. In this critical turning point in our history, it is time to activate our personal and collective sense of purpose to change the world. 

A Tribute to Dr. Ervin Laszlo

Presentation honoring the work of Dr. Ervin Laszlo at the Pioneer of the New Paradigm event in Chicago in 2017

An inspiring talk moving us to take action in this singular moment in our human history. 

Global Purpose Live with Duane Elgin

Sixth episode of Global Purpose Live; a conversation between Emanuel Kuntzelman and Duane Elgin

Emanuel Kuntzelman and Duane Elgin discuss personal and collective purpose and its significance for global transformation.

Global Purpose Live with Steve McIntosh

Fifth episode of Global Purpose Live; a conversation between Emanuel Kuntzelman and Steve McIntosh

In this interview, Emanuel Kuntzelman interviews integral philosopher Steve McIntosh who discusses personal and collective purpose and its significance for global transformation.