The Holomovement as a Wave of Impact

by Emanuel Kuntzelman

Building momentum for any kind of idea or project requires the support and curiosity of the public. The Holomovement, with its vision of catalyzing a social movement aligning purpose and unifying values to serve the greatest good, is no different. 

It’s no easy endeavor to shift the majority of our global family toward a more collaborative framework of living. The human experience is too complex for a “one-size-fits-all” initiative. However, we can find inspiration in how we might build transformative momentum by taking a look at the vibrational movements at the very core of our reality.

Visualizing Our Transformative Wave

For an event we are planning in Spring of 2024, we’ve adopted the name The Holomovement Wave. And indeed, the trajectory of this work is a wave. I think it’s important to understand a wave not as a single linear kind of motion, like the typical ocean wave that a surfer catches. The wave we’re envisioning is inspired by the initial vibrational movement that supported the formation of our universe. 

When you throw a pebble into the still surface of a pond, a wave moves out in all directions and expands and forms ripples. In this sense, we can easily apply this concept to our own potential for transformation. It’s cause and effect. When we offer an act of kindness, for example, or take action in a community clean-up or support a project through a donation or volunteer effort, we can make a transformative impact, making waves of change that move outward within our community.

But it’s not just two-dimensional on a flat pond, it’s at least three-dimensional. Visualize the center of a circle expanding in 3D, expanding and accelerating through all space and time just as the Big Breath that initiated the universe. This transformative wave also resembles a seed kernel, like the oak tree growing out of an acorn. The Holomovement offers the same essence, already holding the full potential and total form of an aligned and purposeful global family as it expands into and beyond space and time. 

Creating Our Personal Waves of Change

If we envision our participation within this unifying social movement in this multi-dimensional context, we realize the potential we all share to literally initiate a 3-dimensional ripple effect of change. Early adopters to this movement simply need to commit to taking positive action. We don’t have to be deep-thinking philosophers or successful entrepreneurs, but we do have to be in-tune with our hearts and move toward joyful service for the good of humanity. 

I’m hopeful that this expanding multi-dimensional wave will find early adopters in diverse communities and sectors of work ready to embrace the values of the Holomovement. The holotropic attractor to this Theory of Change is the ability to offer actionable purpose while simultaneously building community within this movement. We’re getting lonely in our separation ideology, while yearning for a way to put purpose into action within a supportive community. 

What’s exciting is we don’t have to wait for any one person to initiate a transformational wave of change or offer an invitation to participate. We each have a frequency that is activated when we take some sort of action, and these actions and energetic waves will in turn attract and synchronize with others to amplify the Holomovement. If we look at Planck’s equation E = hf, we can better understand how we are innately supported at the quantum level to participate and activate this Theory of Change.

Planck’s equation demonstrates how the universe is dynamic and coded by a divine source of intelligence to work through our capacity to take action. Energy equals frequency multiplied by “h” which is Planck’s constant representing action as the upload from the Implicate Order of the quantum field of infinite potential into reality. With no action, there is no increase in frequency, or what we might call higher consciousness. To simplify this idea, one way to make it work is to “talk less and do more.”

There is no such thing as a partial action in this context. There is no half-thought or half physical or emotional exertion of energy. Whether we are conscious or unconscious of our actions, our energetic waves are already rippling outward with their effect. We are empowered at each moment to create a frequency field that amplifies transformative healing. Within the Holomovement, we’re all invited to be vessels of the Divine Source moving in joyful action. It’s why we are working toward creating a community of Holons, groups of three or more individuals collaborating on a specific project. There is community, purpose, support, friendship in this alignment, and it is our hope that these Holon communities will organically grow and connect with others to create a wave of joyful, compassionate and purposeful action for the good of the whole.

Riding a Wave of Exponential Collaboration 

By encouraging small groups of self-organizing Holons to spark community collaboration within a framework of unifying principles, we can begin to experience a powerful feedback loop. However, radical collaboration is not a passive activity. 

Usually, the first step for us in riding our wave begins with finding our footing and balance within communities who share our values, and then moving into collaborative efforts with similar projects or groups beyond our immediate organization or even sector of work. This isn’t so much of a stretch to what is starting to catch on in the mainstream, but still requires an ongoing review of values and vision.

The “radical” component of this collaboration is understanding where we are sourcing our energy when taking action and collaborating. Are we being intentional and authentic in how we’re showing up? Are we moving from a place of love rather than fear or anger? Are we truly in collaborative service for the good of our planetary family?

This is not an easy practice – especially when we’re in survival mode. It’s a harsh world and when there are bills to pay or we’re feeling unwell or navigating the many injustices occurring each day, this noticing of our inner worlds is critical for how we show up energetically for a cause or project.

Radical collaboration is the deep listening and trust in the divine essence of ourselves, allowing us to be outwardly authentic and compassionate in our purpose-driven work. It is also radical in the sense that we are finding a starting point for collaborative efforts with communities who want a caring, global community, but don’t necessarily believe in a divine source underpinning our reality. Rather than retreat to our separate camps of science and spirit, the Holomovement offers a space to notice these perspectives and challenges, and also explore ways to be in flow together.

Perhaps right now, the aim isn’t to persuade people to believe in a divine being, but rather encourage the experience of awe and wonder in the unknown, and possibly a trust in this field of possibility. Just as we can all believe in Wi-Fi, although we can’t see it, we are very aware and even rely on its incredible ability to connect us to each other around the world via our phones and computers. This is a field effect that we often take for granted. The energetic field of our consciousness is even more powerful than Wi-Fi, and if we are able to align our understanding of its unlimited potential, we can really begin to see a wave of exponential collaboration.

We are in truly exciting times to build momentum for a unifying worldview for conscious collaboration. In visualizing our transformative waves rippling outward in space and time, we can begin to see our place and influence in this evolutionary unfolding. 

Photo by Sonika Agarwal on Unsplash

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