Beyond Cynicism: The Holomovement Holds Out Hope in New Conversations with Old Friends

By Emanuel Kuntzelman

A number of people I haven’t seen for months, or even years due to the pandemic, have graced me with their presence recently, giving me a chance to update them on developments with the Holomovement. I approached these encounters with a tinge of trepidation as one is never sure how people will react to a call for unity and radical collaboration in the midst of our divided society. It was a kind of litmus test on the legitimacy of the Holomovement in the so-called “real world,” where we all see how ideals can clash with the harsh realities of our times.

One case that was emblematic of the nature of these conversations was with our old friend Frederico, whom my wife Laura and I bumped into recently at the Ibiza airport. Friends for over a quarter of a century, we hadn’t seen him since before the pandemic and agreed to have dinner together. 

Inspiring the Next Generation with Less Talk and More Action

After decades as a trainer for The Silva Method, Federico is highly attuned to the consciousness movement. As I explained the theory of the Holomovement he became quite animated and inquired whether it had appeal to younger people, as many of them seemed to be rather cynical when it came to anything of a spiritual nature. When I explained that the Holomovement represented a fusion of science and spirituality, with the emphasis on taking action, he seemed quite pleased. 

“The equation E=hf is the key,” I explained. “Energy equals frequency multiplied by “h” which is Planck’s constant and represents action as the upload from the implicate order of the quantum field of infinite potential into reality. With no action, there is no increase in frequency, or what we might call higher consciousness. The only way to make it work is to talk less and do more.” 

Federico smiled and said, “Now that really makes sense to me and I am sure it resonates with younger people.” I agreed, noting that several members of the core team of the Holomovement were under 40. “That’s great,” he replied. “I’m looking forward to reading the book as soon as you get it translated into Spanish,” as we bid him adieu with a huge hug.  

Experiencing Wholeness in Motion and Unity in Diversity

My dear friend Pam from California was also quite complementary about the book, having read most of it since receiving a copy at “Igniting the Holomovement” in Sedona last March. “I hope it isn’t too dense,” I offered. 

“Not at all,” she replied. “On the contrary, it is a great read.It requires some concentration at the beginning to grasp what it’s all about, but it is well written and easily within the understanding of the general public.

I find it fascinating how all the chapters approach the subject from different angles and take us to the same space of unity. It is wholeness in motion just as the book proclaims.”

A Scientist Feels Spiritually Empowered

One of the most convincing testimonials came from Kevin from Kenya, a friend and volunteer collaborator at Purpose Earth. He recently wrote:

“I have finally caught up and completed reading the book, a gift from “Igniting the Holomovement” in Sedona, Arizona. I feel spiritually empowered after the read, and thankful for all the visionaries that have seen the need for the movement. Thank you for taking the lead, and for your years of philanthropy. As a scientist myself, there always seems a rift, but through reading the book I saw the unique role that each field plays as part of the whole.”

Appreciating Challenges and Concerns of the Holomovement

My brother Ken, with a masters from the California Institute of Integral Studies and a lifelong seeker of higher consciousness, brings his own academic analysis to the table. He shared:

“My good friend Mike and I read it, and we loved how you dealt with Ken Wilber’s concerns.  Never one to accept anything for granted, Wilber laid out his fair share of challenges to you and the way you answered all of his queries in the chapters of Part Two [of the book] was really well done. I think Ken Wilber might have appreciated that as much as we did!”

The Holomovement as an Offering of Hope

Perhaps the greatest accolades of all came from my friend David, who lives in Ibiza and published a newspaper on “Positive News” for years before the pandemic. We were seated in a lovely section of the garden at La Paloma restaurant, a semi-divine enclave in the center of the island, enjoying our annual gathering of a group of friends. I distributed the last copies I had of the book around the table.

David began to speak about it, as I had given him a copy several weeks earlier. “I can’t thank you enough for making this book happen!”

He began enthusiastically and then became highly animated with emotion. “As you probably know, I haven’t been feeling all that well recently and, to be honest, all the divisiveness in our culture today has really taken a toll on me. Me, ‘Mr. lifetime optimist,’ was becoming depressed with cynicism and then I started reading the book on the Holomovement. It is like the best therapy I could imagine!  It is an elixir of hope!  All the different angles bring us together in unity and it dissipates all that accumulated cynicism in today’s world. Thank you!!”

Then Prasuna, the Italian founder of the restaurant turned to me and said, “This is just what we need. Good food, good friends, and a book like this to bring back our hope for the future!”  She cradled the book in her hands and beamed with joy. 

Behind her a waning moon was rising over the fields of herbs, spices and organic vegetables, with the scents of their healthy odors wafting in the air. Children scurried among the lemon trees and the soft chatter of happy people mixed with a soothing evening breeze. Suddenly, all the world’s woes and worries seemed to disappear in this magical space. 

For a brief moment we paused around the dining table, acknowledged the importance of such occasions and gave thanks to the Implicate Order that the flow of the Holomovement could actually turn things around and bring our society back on a path that heralds hope for a more promising future.

All proceeds from the anthology “The Holomovement; Embracing Our Collective Purpose to Unite Humanity” go toward Purpose Earth, a nonprofit launching purpose-driven projects through their grant and mentorship program.You can purchase your copy here, Barnes & Noble or at your local bookstore.

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash 

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