A Journey from Grievance to Love

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Over the past year, I have been co-editing with Jill Robinson the anthology, “The Holomovement; Embracing Our Collective Purpose to Unite Humanity.” The book will be launched in March to coincide with an event in Sedona, AZ to ignite this vision of the Holomovement into action. It is clearly the time for a new resolution to commence a new phase of social transformation.

There is much to be cautiously optimistic for in 2023, despite the polarized state of our world and ongoing environmental tragedies. It’s this deeply seeded sense of hope in our transformative potential that has inspired the collaborative effort of my upcoming book “The Holomovement.” The message of the book itself speaks to the belief of a “living universe and our integral place in its evolution.” However, this journey toward a humanity united in values and aligned toward the good of the whole, requires our whole-hearted and loving participation.

The journey from a vision of a world filled with peace, love and understanding, to realizing and living these values, is complex. Among many challenges is the weight of our individual and collective suffering. So many have suffered horrific injustice and trauma and we are in a quagmire of past and present conflict. How can we release these emotional chains anchoring us in fear, anger and separation? 

Having a regular practice for healing and access to nourishing support is essential. As Dr. Marty K. Casey, contributing author for “The Holomovement” and founder of UnGun Institute shares; “Hurt people, hurt people. Healed people, heal people.” Our evolutionary choice depends on each one of us taking responsibility in how we release our grievances and show up in our day-to-day encounters, empowered to move forward with purpose. Forgiveness and connection require a belief in the possibility of our ability to do just that. Can we find the courage to drop the weight of our grievances and choose a path ahead that’s not defined by what separates us, but rather, what unites us?

Shifting Focus from Collective Trauma to Collective Purpose

I believe we have many lives, and even if you don’t believe in reincarnation, consider the karmic baggage of human history. With the exception to a few moments in time, we have a history of horrific and brutal treatment of one another: war, extortion, violence, etc. The timeline of trauma we carry through our generations alone is extraordinary. If there is anything that we can understand in one another, it is suffering. For we have all suffered.  

It is time to heal and clear the karmic field. The morphogenetic field of humanity is polluted with all of our grievances.  It may have been in many of our past lives, or simply a pattern that we hold in this life from the suffering of our ancestors. Either way, the suffering and accompanying grievances are present, and our energetic needs to be cleaned and healed if we are to have hope of moving forward as a species.  

Unfortunately, mainstream news and social media feeds have us believe we are in a competition of tragedy and injustice. Their narrative is that love is a limited resource and compassion is finite and even naive. Through the lens of materialism, it can seem that we must pick and choose who is most deserving of justice. 

But love is not finite, and compassion is sourced from an eternal well. And there are many who understand this and put it to work in life. If we are to save ourselves and this planet, the roads we traverse must find their way back to a unified field. On this most important journey, the question remains: are we guided by an agenda of personal or cultural retribution or called to build bridges toward our interconnectedness? 

With so much at stake for humanity, where and how does the healing even begin? In “The Holomovement” anthology, Dr. Elena Mustakova writes:  

“Healing begins with recognizing and acknowledging our hidden sense of vulnerability across social contexts. Whatever our circumstances and beliefs, we each experience the fragility of the human body and psyche, and know viscerally that we have to build defenses, because society divides us into groups, identities and competing interests, pitting us against each other, and we feel unsafe. We learn early to compensate by telling ourselves stories in order to live. We then often turn these stories into unexamined positions that we defend. 

By listening deeply and holding a safe space for hurt, rage, and, ultimately, deep vulnerability, we can begin to re-construct our sense of self and our relationships to trauma and explore what it means to be an authentic expression of our true self within society. In these experiences, we can begin to recognize the commonalities we share in our personal stories and realize that something unites our infinitely different faces of suffering—a shared spiritual horizon. Genuine healing always involves evolution to a higher order of consciousness.”

Beyond Grievances is a World of Harmony

Competitive as we are, it sometimes seems like we are all in a race to see who can claim to be the one who has suffered the most. Perhaps we can turn that race on its head and transform the most extreme adversity into a healing message. 

Amikaeyla Gaston, an award-winning singer, activist and Founder and Executive Director of ICAHSI (International Cultural Arts & Healing Sciences Institute) recounts surviving a hate crime and near-death experience that set her on a trajectory to understand the human psyche and how to access restorative justice through peace and forgiveness. In “The Holomovement” she shares:

“Being Beyond and moving into a state of ‘All One with All Relations’ is going to feel challenging, and although growth happens slowly, it happens. We are starting on the micro-granular level to look at what needs to be done to shift the infrastructure of our minds, our culture, and our world to create a community of belonging. We are drawn, on an ancient cellular level, to dig deeper into our psyches and muster the courage to make changes in ourselves and our communities. We are called to claim our bigger selves, live our fullest lives, and contribute with joy, openness, and all our senses.

Beyond the “ists” and “isms” of our body wrappers, beyond our individual comfort levels, beyond doubts and fears resulting in binary thought and competitive lifestyles, we enter into the beauty of our communal, molecular connections and continue to believe that the impossible is possible. We must continue to dare to hope; dare to be dauntless; dare to be fearless, brave, courageous, and bold, even when we are tired, weary, and feeling lost and alone. We are all one, even when we are alone, for we are all connected and are all our relations. You are a relative to me, and me to you, and all of us to each other—so when I get down, frustrated, and petrified by these challenging times, I have to remind myself that we are all a part of each other. To love myself fully, I need to love…all…of…us.” 

Elena Mustakova concludes in her book contribution that “such a regenerative, planetary process continually challenges participants to examine their own mindsets, to be more attuned to how they use language, to find and grow within a higher love that fosters wholeness.” May we all find that higher love within the context of a Holomovement to find our own way to drop our grievances, heal our karmic field and move upward to a new, fresh beginning for humankind with a clean slate to design our future. Let’s do it together, as one humanity, working in harmony for the good of the whole.  

I’ll be back next month with additional thoughts on the subject.  After dropping our grievances to set ourselves free we can then liberate the mind by dropping our cherished notions and returning to a beginner’s state of being.

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

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