Celebrating the Feminine Energy on International Women’s Day

by Emanuel Kuntzelman

If 2012 truly represents a total shift in perspectives, and I think it does, then what is it we are shifting into? It is clear that we are changing from an age dominated by thousands of years of material influence to a more spiritual orientation, but there are many other binary changes in our general orientation as well, one of the most important of which is the crossover from the masculine to the feminine. You don’t have to look very far into history to realize that, with only a few exceptions in tribal societies, men have dominated the sociopolitical scene since the beginning of Homo sapiens. The result is that our civilization is way out of balance. After millennia of too much yang—competition, aggression, and exploitation, we are way overdue for some yin—compassion, cooperation and nurturing care.

I don’t want to imply that men are all bad, but too much of any one thing is not such a good thing. We really need some balance in life, and celebrating International Women’s Day is a wonderful way to appreciate the feminine nature. After so many years of the growth of society topped off with the industrial revolution and the technology boom, it is high time to stop just building and start caring for all the stuff that has been created. And that includes Mother Earth herself. After all these years of selflessly giving everything she’s got, the Earth could do well with a bit of love and respect, just as all the women of the world are due.

So, here’s to you ladies!! We need you to lead corporations and countries. We need you to help the world make peace, not war. Our infant spiritual society needs you like a baby does its mother’s milk. Nourish and shower our world with your calm care. To the unrecognized, wonderful women around the globe we recognize the need for your leadership. In fact, you are already showing it in so many ways. In our Greenheart retreats, seminars, workshops, book clubs, and in CCI itself, there is always a large majority of women in all our activities. I’m not sure where the guys are, maybe sitting home on their butts looking over their finances and watching sports on TV, but I sure hope more men are inspired by these strong women to join in the transformation.

As 2012 ushers in the great new age of spirituality, it will be the feminine energy that brings balance to our global shift. It will be the compassion and strength of women that will lead us forward in our upcoming transformation.

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