Creating Your Sacred Place; A Top Ten List of Emanuel’s Favorite Spiritual Spaces

Finding your personal sacred place or space is a critical part of the spiritual practice. Having a location that allows you to find inner peace, and therefore, present moment awareness, gives you an opportunity to take in the spirit of the cosmos while having the time to express gratitude and compassion in return. Here is a top 10 list of my favorites places, in no particular order, that have been sources of inspiration throughout my own journey.

Rediscovering Oneness in Gaia

In this era of new beginnings, taking into consideration the inevitable shift from the material to the spiritual, we must also remember that our relationship with the Earth should change from viewing it as simply a material resource to a spiritual source.  As a point of respect and even reverence, people might say that it’s hard to love a rock, but the Earth is a whole lot more than the third rock from the sun.

Quote: The Spiritual Essence that Connects Us to the Cosmos

“We need to have a total respect for the divine essence of Nature. It’s not just lofty words when we say we are made from stardust. Our consciousness and civilization of Homo sapiens did not just randomly and accidentally appear out of chaos. There is a teleological methodology behind our evolution; there is a purpose-driven impulse in our universe.

Join Us in a Global Oneness Celebration

In previous posts, I have expressed my excitement for the shift in consciousness that this year of 2012, symbolizes. Even more cause for celebration, in my mind, is the Transit of Venus, that to me, truly marks the beginning of a new era. To honor this important time in our evolution, I am inviting everyone to join together in a Global Oneness Celebration, June 6 beginning at 1 p.m. CST.

Creating the Effect to Cause Happiness

As we approach new beginnings on the grand scale of the universe, it is very important for us to take a look at ourselves and readjust what we can do on an individual level to coincide with the shift in cosmic consciousness.  Even as the largest cycles come full circle, let’s not forget the smaller ones; every day inside our selves there can be a new season of hope.  Spring is a week away, and with this comes rebirth, growth and renewal. The sun and warmer temperatures can help motivate and inspire a personal spring cleaning of our own spirit, and this begins with positive energy.  How can we clean up the debris of our personal past and start fresh, like the first flowers of spring?

Synchronizing Consciousness and the Cosmic Cycle

We live our lives based on cycles. From the seconds, minutes and hours, on up to the lunar and sun cycles that create our natural rhythms; we operate and synchronize within cyclical patterns. Expanding this idea to the universe as a whole, it is logical to assume that in some ways, the entire universe is one large cycle in which our consciousness is connected, and it’s this very idea of entrainment between consciousness and the flow of the cosmos that fascinated the Maya.

Celebrating the Feminine Energy on International Women’s Day

If 2012 truly represents a total shift in perspectives, and I think it does, then what is it we are shifting into?  It is clear that we are changing from an age dominated by thousands of years of material influence to a more spiritual orientation, but there are many other binary changes in our general orientation as well, one of the most important of which is the crossover from the masculine to the feminine.