A Retreat to Remember: Transit to Transformation 2012

by Emanuel Kuntzelman

I am a big fan of geomancy, the ancient art of understanding the earth’s energies.  Somewhat like a Feng Shui for geography, geomancy also includes an appreciation for the earth’s ley lines and energy vortices.  In the wanderings of my spiritual search I have always tried to be sensitive to geomancy—seeking out those special places on the planet that called to me with earth energy and cosmic vibrations.  Since the 1970s, two of the spots that have geomantically resonated the most with me are Sedona, AZ for masculine energy, and the Mediterranean island of Ibiza, off the coast of Spain, for feminine energy.  In organizing transformative retreats, I have deliberately chosen places with this special energy.  For the last two springs we have enjoyed the wonders of Sedona, and now it is time to take our transformation to Ibiza.

Ahh, Ibiza, the crossroads of civilizations, where east meets west:  although geographically part of western Europe, it was originally settled by Phoenicians and Carthaginians; where north meets south:  it’s halfway between Barcelona and the coast of Algeria.  Ibiza is arguably the most internationalized enclave there is, with over 80 nationalities residing on this magical island.  What better place to experience the transformative process of 2012 than on this crucible of culture? For those who give any credence to the more apocalyptic interpretations of 2012, which I do not, they might be reassured that even Nostradamus listed Ibiza as a safe haven from the world’s turmoil in these times.  Whether or not it is endowed with the energy of the goddesses or the heart throb of the feminine principle, its natural beauty alone is enough to make even the most traveled tourist take a long look:  pine-covered hills rolling down to quiet coves lined with fishermen’s huts where the sea sparkles with the glimmer of diamonds in the sun.  Enjoy yourself in the comfortable accommodations we have chosen for this retreat:  an old palace of artsy suites located in the heart of the Unesco World Heritage site of the ancient walled city of Ibiza town, replete with rooftop pool and views of the harbor.  True to Ibiza, however, there will be time to get a little down and dusty too, listening to the original tunes of Greenheart music, meditating in the moonlight, snorkeling in the sea, and exploring the byways of this mysterious isle.

Join us for a trip through time and the experience of a life time.  We’ll start in the distant past, back in that Axial Age, when both Ibiza and modern human philosophy had their beginnings, and then we’ll take you up to a very finely tuned be-here-now moment of the present day transformation of 2012, and in the last few days we’ll move on into the future, where the leading edge of feminine energy will take humanity on a trip into a society of care and compassion.  In the island’s own beautiful transition from spring to summer, 2012, we’ll do our best to take all of our participants on a true transit to transformation, right through the Mayan’s cherished passage of Venus and into a brighter day for the future.  Join us in the birthplace of Greenheart, in a geomantic paradise that has captured my own heart, and share in the wonders of a new world to come. 

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