Why Do We Ask the Big Questions?

What is the point in asking the big questions about the purpose of life and how the evolutionary process works? Is it worthwhile to ponder over these mindboggling inquiries when there are wars raging and atrocities happening all over the world? I believe it is worth asking these questions.

I feel the purpose of our existence is to find out these answers so we can fulfill our moral obligation as human beings to consciously evolve for the good of the whole.

If we stop searching for what can feel like very lofty answers, it’s tantamount to giving up. What’s more is that we have so many resources to help us in this search. Just in the last decade we have received increasing amounts of scientific knowledge about the universe, ourselves and the inner workings of our body and our social structure that we´ve never had before.

We are at a really exciting point in understanding what the brain is capable of doing and what the universe looks like. There are cutting edge social experiments and studies happening at places like the Institute of Noetic Sciences that are merging science and spirit based on facts and testing in ways never documented.

The big questions we have been asking since our first moments of self-reflective consciousness are inspiring a movement to shed light on understanding the incredible depth, meaning and purpose to our lives on earth. Once we begin to appreciate the wonder of existence and see that evolution is a self-creating process we can fully embrace this responsibility of discovering our purpose for being on earth.

Now that we can reflect on this nature of consciousness and how it might work, where does evolution go from here? Is it just coming full circle to understand these big questions? I think some sacred religious thought would stop there – certainly the Eastern traditions would. Hindus would say this is the cosmic game of Lila. I think there is more to it than that. We are not just hamsters running nowhere on the wheel of life. That would imply that there was an end, and evolution isn’t showing signs of having any upper limits.

I don´t think evolution is for the mere entertainment of an observer. The purpose of the evolutionary process could evolve to a point to where we ask ourselves if we can evolve beyond the pure state of consciousness itself. Many brave theorists are saying yes we can. We have come full circle, and that’s no end point, but only the beginning of discovering deeper answers to the big questions and thus learning how to be co-creators of the answers themselves.

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