What Truly Matters in Transformation?

I have often pointed out that this is likely the most critical moment in all of human history:  a turning point in the wave trough of the grand evolutionary cycle, a time that is equivalent in significance to the beginning of the universe, the appearance of life and the dawn of human consciousness.  I trust that I am not alone in making this assessment and that many of you share my view of the critical aspect of our times.  One quick look at the depletion of natural resources in conjunction with a growing population demonstrates that the exponential change in these factors is not sustainable.  While I remain an optimist as to our chances of resolving the challenges facing us, I also recognize that time is running out and that it is our new moral obligation to dedicate our lives to doing something that matters.

What is it, then, that truly matters?  Author Neale Donald Walsch, who inspired my previous blog post, says that it is what One desires, with the emphasis on One with a capital “O.”  He feels that when we are in touch with our souls, then what the soul truly desires is to serve Oneness.  Thus, what we desire is the good of the whole and therefore we get what we want, in the best interest of everyone.

If only it were so simple.  In theory, for theoretical theorists like myself, this sounds good on paper, but will the day actually arrive when a significant part of the population starts desiring the good of the new Oneness instead of the self-interests of old number one?  The assumption here is that we really have no other choice, as the challenges of these times will eventually bring most of us together as we seek solutions to our problems.

The rate of change is accelerating so much that futurist Ray Kurzweil claims we are approaching a singularity:  an instant so unique that it cannot be mathematically computed or conceptually understood.  I feel that this turning point we are facing is the equivalent to the three previous miraculous moments in the evolution of the cosmos and could well bring on nothing short of a new species of human.  Call us what you will, but the new superhuman of tomorrow could be as different from us today as we are to primitive apes.  It will take some work, and there will be many who say it cannot be so, but the evolutionary impulse is inexorably pushing us to this new destiny.

No matter how much resistance we see to the this transformation of society, there will come a point when even the most recalcitrant among us will understand the need for a shift in thinking that requires us to use all those latent capacities in our hearts and souls.  The deeper the crisis, the more extensive the creative thinking that will arise with solutions to solve it.  We are now at the beginning of a great shift in human thought, just beginning to realize that a new mind and soul set will be required to find our way out of the current situation.  The way forward will need innovative leaders who can tap the potential within the individual spirit as well as in the collective soul of humanity.

The tools and skills at our disposal to lead this transformation are entirely different from what they have been in the past.  This is not about money and political power, but rather about spiritual wealth and the indomitable force of justice and compassion.  If it is true that we are only utilizing a tiny fraction of our potential in the face of a singularity such  that has never been seen, then we have many new factors that can play out in our favor.  It does not require a great deal of strength to push a boulder over a cliff when it is hovering on the edge, but rather it takes just a timely nudge in the right spot, in the precise way and at the right instant.

Likewise, as we join forces for positive change and build momentum, the opportunities to intervene in the interwoven complexity systems of the current human situation will increase.  The antiquated systems, like boulders at the edge of the abyss, can be pushed aside or, better yet, transformed from within by visionary leaders.  With our newly discovered abilities we can touch the hearts and souls of millions the world over, because there is a common desire arising within us all.  That desire is for the good of the whole, and it is the one true thing we all want to see happen.  With our input, the desire will self organize into the strongest, most persevering social and spiritual movement in the history of the world.

It will be done with peace-seeking and compassionate communication.  And the conscious communities that are built as a consequence will persevere, gaining adherents and practitioners in the same way that a tidal wave picks up all the water in its path.  We are in this together, all part of the same web of life and field of consciousness.  We’ll solve it together, because it’s the only thing that matters.

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