What if We Realized Our Full Capacities to Affect Change?

by Emanuel Kuntzelman

What would it look like to reach our full potential? How would the world be transformed for the positive if each one of us realized the infinite source of creativity, compassion and wisdom we hold within our selves? As we maneuver these critical times, it is important to understand our individual leadership capabilities. We have heard that on average we only use ten percent of the brain’s capacity. On that same conjecture, I think it may be true that we use a very small percentage of our soul or consciousness’ full potential. This leaves a lot of room for transformation and offers an optimistic approach to this singular moment in time.

Many would be quick to list their leadership capacities by the tangible and learned skill sets in life. Those are the definable, testable skills that we have accomplished. This is fine and necessary, but it is only a tiny portion compared to what we are capable of in regards to evolving into soul-based leaders.

I believe the soul is a field of potentiality, but as such, that means there is no limit to that potential. It’s a matter of how far we want to stretch and travel. Understanding the magnitude of these abilities requires an exploration of both inner and outer space of our capacity as individuals. The inner work will be tapping into our soul’s field and what drives us, but we must go a step further and discuss how to use that potential to sync up and harmonize with others in coherent social action.

This shift in focus to a soul-based leadership capacity and what that truly means for individuals and society can take us far beyond the limited horizons many of us have visualized for ourselves up until now.


Comment below on what your life would look like as you shift your focus to honoring your full potential.





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