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The Spiritual Essence that Connects Us to the Cosmos

Our consciousness and civilization of Homo sapiens did not just randomly and accidentally appear out of chaos. There is a teleological methodology behind our evolution; there is a purpose-driven impulse in our universe. Scientists must embrace this idea of a spiritual source or quantum field of reality that has a purpose for our existence. We might not be able to measure phenomena with the usual methods or machines, but that is no reason to dismiss the spiritual essence that occurs. We are constantly in touch with the Field.
“We need to have a total respect for the divine essence of Nature. It’s not just lofty words when we say we are made from stardust.” – Emanuel Kuntzelman
Understanding our responsibility as co-creators of our evolutionary unfolding is both humbling and thrilling. It’s finding our sense of purpose that connects us to the cosmos.

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  1. It’s through a continuous analysis, and understanding, of the real motives for our actions that we can then eliminate these egotistical needs. By trying to identify, with great awareness, what causes us to act in these egotistical ways, our behaviour then changes gradually and better reflects the true nature of our spiritual essence.

  2. Just as the atom is 99.9% empty space (which is really an energy field), it is also true that our body, and the material thinking that accompanies it, is the equivalent of the tiny mass of the atom. The rest–our soul and its connection to the Source Field, is immense, and largely ignored. Our big egos stand in the way like armed guards at the gate of understanding. All we need to do is just distract that ego and then dash through into the vast wonderland of the expanded capacities of our inner potential.

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