I Bought a Bike! Enjoying the Transformative Path on Two Wheels

So, I bought a bike, but what I’m really saying here is that each of us, every day can make a decision to find our inner freedom, exercise our inner will, improve our life, develop a healthy habit and make that personal contribution to our own evolution. It could be as simple and mundane as buying a bike, but it does symbolize a true, deep and profound spiritual process within the individual. I encourage everyone to symbolically go out, and buy their own bike.

Connecting to the Field through the I Ching

The first time I was ever aware of the I Ching was when I was living on the island of  Formentera, in Spain.  At the time, I was surrounded by quite a few mentors helping me along the spiritual path, but one in particular was very influential in my education in connecting to the Information Field using this technique. It was a friend named Jack who first lent me a copy of the I Ching and taught me how to use and interpret the readings found in its text.