Igniting the Holomovement in this Historical Moment in History

Is there a sacrifice to be made in shifting from an “I” centered life to one that embraces a “we” consciousness? The materialistic paradigm would have us believe we must give up joy, comfort and individual meaning if we’re to embark on a path toward Oneness. In our current cultural conditioning, scarcity and fear attract our attention, but what if we shifted perspective to noticing what gifts of abundance and possibility would unfold when we collaborate and connect as One?

As the Ubuntu phrase goes, “I am because you are.” What gives us purpose and meaning in this life are our relationships and interactions with one another and our planet. As more of us embark on this journey we can begin to build momentum for a critical mass of mainstream understanding moving us from an ‘I’ to ‘we’ to ‘all’ state of consciousness.

This was the vision that inspired a gathering last March 23-27 in Sedona, Arizona entitled “Igniting the Holomovement.” In this sacred and energetic setting, nearly 90 people gathered to reignite the connection to the cosmic flow where spirit and science meet. It wasn’t a launch of the “Holomovement,” as it has always existed as the cosmic flow of the Universe. Our intention was to reconnect and fan the flame of collective purpose. 

This emerging perspective is explored in depth in an anthology of some fifty contributing authors, edited by myself and co-editor Jill Robinson, and launched in tandem with the event. The subtitle of The Holomovement anthology is “Embracing Our Collective Purpose to Unite Humanity,” and in these times of separation and conflict, we are desperate for a call to unity. The Sedona gathering was a way to light the fire of purposeful action and collaboration and help illuminate a way forward.

The participation and support following the event has been inspiring. What made this experience particularly special was the whole-hearted participation from both the attendees and those holding energetic space from afar. As Rev. Deborah Moldow, Executive Director of the Evolutionary Leaders network and emcee for the Sedona event shared in our recent conversation with Steve Farrell and Humanity’s Team;

“This was not a conference where people got up to share their wisdom with the audience. No, this was a working meeting where everyone got to engage and offer their visions and views and build the energy around the different tracks for the gathering. The other component that was essential was that the working parts of the meetings were interspersed with meditations, prayers and the Arts. The Arts were so important. …I think this is a hallmark of the new paradigm, one that is rich with the creativity of the human spirit, and that is the potential we want to harness for the greater good of the planet.”

This is truly a turning point in human understanding. We are finding our way back to our natural state of being, one that is inspired by love, creative expression and collaboration. 

What is needed more than ever is a connection to our spiritual source—one that is based in science. Fortunately, and incredibly exciting, is that the science of the infinite potential has now been fortified by the 2022 Nobel Prize in physics, which was awarded to three physicists who have proven the veracity of “non-locality” or the interconnectedness of all things. Non-locality is a prerequisite for physicist David Bohm’s theory of the Holomovement to work, and now it is verified. This means there truly is a web of consciousness far beyond space/time reality uniting us all instantaneously, every moment of every day. When you think about this grand beautiful web of consciousness that is the entire universe, and we’re just a tiny node among many, it makes us understand our place in the universe, our interconnectivity and how every act and thought we make reflects on the whole. 

In this context, we can see that the Holomovement’s vision to catalyze a social moment to align purpose and unifying values for the good of the whole requires loving action. It’s about right livelihood, intention and attention, and figuring out how each of us can use our talents and purpose to contribute toward positive transformation. However, it’s not enough to take action alone. The lasting and sustainable impact will come from the linking up and collaboration with our fellow-changemakers, within and among diverse areas of work.

The Holomovement Theory of Change encourages small groups of self-organizing HOLONs to spark community collaboration within a framework of unifying principles. A Holon (a group that is simultaneously an individual and part of the whole AND the whole itself) sets in motion purposeful cooperation and coevolutionary partnerships inspired by sharing our unique gifts and passions. By working together, building community and creating ecosystems of support, we can feel empowered to take action with authenticity and purpose. So many of us have lost our way or get discouraged because we often feel we’re alone in this important work. The Holomovement is a philosophy and movement inviting each of us to join in this collective journey toward unity and social transformation. 

We have a road that is opening to us—an ascent to the implicate order where we can find inspiration in our divine origins. In igniting the Holomovement, we will unleash our infinite potential so that we can embrace our collective purpose, unite humanity in the process and move forward into the future as a cooperative and compassionate human community. 

Photo by Angelo Del Prete on Unsplash

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