Honoring Our Evolutionary Opportunities

We have a choice in our evolution. Part of the psychological burden of being born into the Western world is that we are given lots of freedom, and lots of choices. Thus, we have no excuse to not make our own quantum leaps as we evolve.

This is not about choices limited to the 1% of the elite, either. The fact that many of us grew up in an environment that met all our basic needs, and offered a space of love and joy for us to grow, means we are given the opportunity to climb the path toward enlightened leadership. Oftentimes, however, most people settle for the meandering trails around the mountain rather than heading straight for the summit of personal transformation.

I’m wondering how do we all arrive at a place where we can all feel a sense of confidence to take on that steep ascent on our evolutionary wave?

What are your ideas? Share them in the comments below.


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