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We are currently in the midst of the greatest transformation in history. To help inspire you along this important and exciting evolutionary journey, I’m thrilled to be able to share 18 transformative audio tracks that touch on mindful leadership and the science of being and the spirit of community.

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I hope you enjoy listening and thank you for helping to foster positive change in these important times.

Mindful Leadership; Presented by Emanuel Kuntzelman & Greenheart Transforms

mindful leadership1. Intro
2. Wave Theory
3. Deep Listening
4. Compassionate Communication
5. Radical Inclusion
6. Gratitude
7. Pushing the Edge
8. Life Career
9. Global Leadership

Presenters Collection; IONS 16th International Conference The Science of Being. The Spirit of Community

IONS presenter disc1. A Reflection on Interconnectedness – Cassandra Vieten
2. Transformation – Emanuel Kuntzelman
3. How Does Story Transform Consciousness? – Nick Day
4. Guided Practice: Exploring Your Worldviews – Marilyn Schlitz
5. Moving Smoothly Through Vibrations – Penney Peirce
6. What is ITP? – Pam Kramer
7. Ancestral Line Visualization- Chief Luisah Teish
8. Resonance – Barbara Marx Hubbard
9. The “Yes” Practice/Songbath: Awareness & Connection – Julia Mossbridge


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