Finding our Home Frequency

by Emanuel Kuntzelman

I’ve been reading Leadership Transformed presenter and author, Penney Peirce’s book Frequency and have spent a considerable amount of time reflecting on what she defines as “home frequency.” Home frequency, our natural vibrational state, is a valid concept and describes what I feel is the foundation of what we call a soul. As I prepare for our soul-based leadership retreat in May, I think it is important to understand the necessity for shifting our perspective to one that leads from our home frequency, rather than our physical or mental self.

Wayne Dyer said: “Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul.” If you think of your soul first, you realize your body is a material core, and we can begin to adjust the focus of how we show up in the world. Every day we are persuaded to exercise, diet, eat more vegetables, and on and on, and our soul’s development is put on the back-burner. What if instead of working only on the physical self, we shifted our approach to a development that was soul-based, with an awareness of our unique frequency. This doesn’t mean we discard the physical development, or even the mental or emotional work that we all must pursue, but as we evolve our consciousness, we must work from a soul-based intention.

In Walter Russell’s biography, The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universethis modern-day da Vinci believed that the sign of a genius, whether you are a painter or sculptor or musician, is having a unique quality in each artistic piece that defines the artist. Picasso is a good example; we can recognize his artistic touch on almost every painting. Our soul frequency is no different in that it also has a recognizable undercurrent. Like a fingerprint, our home frequency is our personal detail that will help us develop into soul-based leaders.

Developing our capacity to understand our home frequency allows us to function and harmonize with other field frequencies. It is a bit like long distance running. At first it can be difficult and we feel out of breath and uncomfortable, but as we settle into a rhythm we find we are training farther and harder each day at a relatively comfortable pace. Our soul frequency can evolve the same way as we practice meditation and awareness. The more we meditate, the more we connect with the Field, fortifying our own energetic quality with the universal consciousness. As the world’s frequency intensifies, we will find that we are in a rhythm that is calm and natural to our soul’s development.

So how does this relate to leadership? When we feel at ease with a higher frequency level, we become entrained with the Field of higher consciousness. Our vibrational qualities are flowing instead of forced, and we are able to harmonize in any environment. There is a calm, confidence that resonates, allowing us to be leaders working with the flow rather than pushing against a situation.

As leadership shifts from an outdated model of top-down, commanding roles to one that is more cooperative, this awareness of our personal home frequency will help us harmonize effectively as we more toward a more collaborative and compassionate world.

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