EARTH LOVE: A PLANETARY AWAKENING at the 2015 Climate Change Conference

Guest blog post written by Ervin Lazlo & Barbara Marx Hubbard

At this vital hour of human challenge an unprecedented opportunity has arisen.

It is a new way to amplify our love, intentions, prayers and vision to support the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference and the actions of all individuals, groups and organizations caring for the Earth. We have an opportunity to gather together in new ways to reveal our shared values and the strength of our shared voice.

A new web and mobile app has been developed for this purpose called The Amplifield. It is designed for us to amplify one another’s intentions and prayers for collective purpose and action. It is designed for us to express our heart’s deepest desire.

On visual displays in multiple locations each person’s intentions become visible as a light upon the living Earth. A large screen will be placed at the 2015 United Nations Climate Conference to visually represent people from around the world and their intentions and prayers for a positive outcome.

This web and mobile app will be available throughout the Climate Conference, with meditations, attunements, well-known speakers, prayers and intentions from November 29th through December 13th, 2015. The first synchronized event is planned for November 29th at 5:00 PM GMT, 8:00 AM Pacific, 9:00 AM Mountain, 10:00 AM Central, 11:00 AM Eastern.

This is just the beginning of our Planetary Awakening in love!

The climate crisis and other tragic events and breakdowns in our social systems are serving as the evolutionary drivers for humanity to develop a new way through together. Collectively we have vast mailing lists of innovators and creators, of master teachers, of people and projects that work, manifesting love, kindness and creativity in every field, function and culture. A variety of open source platforms already exist and are now connecting as the new nervous system, a communication system of the social body.

We can turn on our global nervous system by infusing it with acts of creativity, service and compassion.

We can tell ourselves the New Story of humanity’s struggle to evolve to a higher evolutionary state.

We can reveal and connect what is already working to heal and evolve the world. We can intend, envision, and cooperate to co-create the world we choose.

As we continue to connect the network of networks we will experience a Planetary Awakening of Love is in our midst.


To register for the Amplifield web and mobile app supporting world leaders at the Climate Conference go to: 

For more information related to this vast movement for positive change and to register your interest go to:

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  1. Gostaria de ter participado na reunião sobre o clima, mas não foi possível ! ….. talvez eu vá à próxima ! ……. Estou pronta a dar ainha colaboração comentando através da internet ! …… A todos os posts publicados eu dou sempre a minha “força ” ! …… e nas minhas relações humanas diárias , sejam elas conhecidas ou desconhecidas , sempre que tenho oportunidade de incentivar alguém no bom caminho ( ou pelo menos naquilo que me parece ser o bom caminho ) eu faço-o ! ….. Bom trabalho e Muito Sucesso !

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