Creating a Spiritual Community

by Emanuel Kuntzelman

spiritual community

As we move forward into the post-shift world of spiritual discovery, it can feel a bit like trudging through a forest without a trail. Telling our new stories of personal transformation often becomes difficult, lonely and even desperate when we don’t quite know the way and we have no one to share the journey. Thus, it’s really important while forging new paths into higher consciousness that we begin to locate fellow seekers and friends to share our discoveries and form a spiritual community.

Just in the sense that meditating by one’s self is always a lovely experience, meditating with many is often times more rewarding because we do pick up on the energy and frequency of those around us. When our energy waves are in phase with like-minded individuals, they begin to overlap and become amplified at a higher frequency.

The sense of community, important as it’s always been throughout history, becomes even more critical in discovering these new realms within the self.  The self has to become the super Self of the many. It must be the whole of humanity in its highest intention.  I was able to experience this during the workshop at Esalen Institute and am very grateful. Such communities are becoming increasingly available all over the world, and it’s up to us to open our minds and connect with a spiritual community.

In the closing ceremony of Integral Transformative Practice’s anniversary celebration, one member shared his thoughts on finding this group connection: “There is an old phrase; ‘many are called but few are chosen.’ That’s not true anymore. Many are called, but few choose.”

So don’t sit out there and wait to be a chosen one. Choose for yourself and decide that you are one of those that have been called. When you choose to make that decision, that’s when you reach out and find those around you who are making the same choice of reaching their highest potential.   As Michael Murphy says, “If you have a calling, that is the most precious and sacred thing in life.”  And if you choose to be called in the company of others, forming a spiritual community, that’s when the story begins to take on a life of its own.

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