Bringing the Blueprint to Leadership

by Emanuel Kuntzelman

At the end of the month, I have the honor of presenting and facilitating the Leadership Transformed 2014 retreat, hosted by Greenheart International and ITP International, in Chicago, IL. This opportunity as a presenter will allow me to share my personal blueprint for constructing ourselves as leaders, and initiate discussion on what that means for the global community.

I feel very strongly about evolving our higher consciousness for the good of the whole. Why the passionate plea for individuals to commit to their personal evolution as leaders? Because the singularity is near. The wave of materiality is reaching its trough and we are standing on the ledge the Industrial Revolution built, needing a transformation of consciousness to reach the other side of the abyss. It’s no mystery that to succeed we need to shift our perspective from competitive, “every man for themselves” mentalities, to compassionate and cooperative understanding.

This transformative shift requires tapping into the distinctive individual frequency of our self in order to understand how we can create energetic coherency within a community. This shift in leadership takes practice and awareness in cultivating our extraordinary capacities as human beings. Fortunately, all of us possess these incredible abilities but we have to commit to the work of connecting with the Field of Consciousness for a better understanding of how to understand our full potential.

This retreat is a chance to work on this transformative process together and I’m excited to help the group explore their own capacities while collectively creating a unified field of social action consciousness.

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