June 2-3
$140 - 240

The Purpose Summit Berlin

Have you ever been so fully engaged in a mission that your body, heart, and mind felt like they were all perfectly aligned? Have you ever found yourself in a state of flow and synchronicity where it almost felt that the whole universe was conspiring to support you? Have you ever experienced a moment, or week, or year when your life just seemed to make sense — when your gifts, the world’s needs, and the support to connect the two were seamlessly interwoven together? The more you align with your own unique personal purpose, the more these instances will become less a spontaneous occurrence and more a simple way of being.

November 10-11
The Seminary at Strawberry
$140 - 240

The Purpose Summit
San Francisco

In the midst of our current global crises, a new wave of social transformation is building across the world. United in pursuit of the greatest good, emergent movements in business, science, politics, spirituality, organizational development and personal transformation are expanding our collective consciousness. Purpose—the unique calling we each possess—is at the core of this shift. Over the last two decades, groundbreaking research in science and psychology has found that individuals and organizations that operate with purpose experience better relationships, health, and cognitive performance; moreover, they are more successful and more likely to lead. In a recent open letter, for example, Larry Fink—CEO of the world’s largest investment firm, Blackrock—emphasized the fundamental role that purpose plays in empowering companies to achieve both full potential and optimum performance…