You Don’t Always Have to Listen to What the “Experts” Say

by Emanuel Kuntzelman

follow your heart

I’m sure we’ve all been told many times over that we shouldn’t go forward with one of our dreams because some “expert authority” cautions against it for one reason or another. How many times have we been told as children, teens, young adults, “you shouldn’t do that” because that omnipresent “they,” say your idea is unrealistic and will never work?

Probably your earliest childhood dreams were dashed by a parent, teacher or practical counselor saying “that sounds great, but let’s get real and get practical about making a living and dealing with the material world.” In this process, our best laid plans and dreams are left unrealized. Had I listened to the expert authorities throughout my life, I would have done virtually none of the things I’m doing today. Lately, it seems that in meetings, at work, with friends, associates and the world of philosophy, I’ve been hearing once again, all the good sound practical reasons why I should not or cannot undertake a new dream that I want to make real. At this point, I’m less inclined than ever to listen to what the experts say, and would rather follow my inner motivation that pushes me to find alternative solutions to the world’s challenges.   This is particularly true when it comes to the so-called “devil’s advocates”— who love to downplay our aspirations with a lethal dose of punishing practicality.

Now granted, gathering information and being aware of the pitfalls and difficulties that we are going to encounter in a new undertaking are certainly helpful, and I’m not saying any of us should willy-nilly dive into the unknown totally unprepared, but this is a call to courage. Do not let practical circumstances dissuade you from following the inner vision that pushes us to forge a new path in transforming our society.

In an online article on INC. called “How to Accomplish the Impossible” author Harvey Mackay recounts this story from Former First Lady Nancy Reagan:

“Once, at the University of California, a student got up to say that it was impossible for people of her generation to understand the next generation of young people.

‘You grew up in a different world,’ the student said. ‘Today we have television, jet planes, space travel, nuclear energy, computers…’

“When the student paused for breath, Nancy said:  ‘You’re right.  We didn’t have those things when we were young.  We invented them.’”

We are at a singular moment in history, where we can and must create solutions to solve the words’ crisis in ways never done before.  As Einstein said, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” It is now that we must trust our passions and dreams and take action, with or without the encouragement of the masses who think they know best.

I’ve long been preoccupied or, to be honest, obsessed, with the idea of identifying the unified core concepts of the spiritual philosophy. I think one of the world’s biggest problems is that we are stuck in a materialistic paradigm and we need a spiritual vision to lead us out of this way of thinking, yet, we are in disagreement throughout the world over the basic concepts of the spiritual nature of life. We are so prone to think that if science says it is so, then it must be that way. We think of it as if materialistic scientists are doctors in white coats with the answers, but the truth is, science too evolves. We now know Newtonian physics is a rather limited understanding of the physical nature of reality, and that the deepest level of quantum mechanics points to one clear conclusion, that all of this comes from the source of consciousness.

It is our consciousness, our conviction to follow our heart and passion that will trump anything the masses or devil’s advocates say. There are individuals all across the globe that refuse to listen to the status quo and prefer to follow their own intuitive knowledge that leads them to a greater understanding. Of course, there are numerous examples throughout history of just that kind of spirit of innovation and revolution, always entailing that the inventor of such had to undergo the accusations of insanity to stick with their viewpoint and bring us a shift in thinking.

Individuals like Einstein and Steve Jobs are the first to come to mind as those who definitely went against the grain to follow their own conviction to change the world. Even Fred Smith of FedEx was told his idea for overnight delivery was unrealistic. I encourage you and every individual out there to get in touch with the real dreams inside yourself, listen to them and move forward and not pay too much attention to what the experts say. As Harvey Mackay asks; “What could you accomplish if no one told you it was impossible?”

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