Why We Need to Provide Our Own Shocks in our Evolutionary Shift 

The state of the world troubles me, but at the same time I really have been experiencing a profound sense of inner calm and peace with general processes. There is still a sense of urgency about evolving and transforming, however, and my big question is “when we know what we need to do, what is it that stops us from really taking action to do it?”

I think it is more than a simple answer. Neurological patterns and habits play a very powerful role, but at the same time, how far do we have to let destructive habits take us before we make a true shift in our behavior? Unfortunately, it takes some really profound experiences to make that happen.

As mid twentieth-century spiritual teacher, George Gurdjieff would’ve said, if we don’t provide the shocks in our transformative process, the world will do it for us to continue the evolutionary wave. In my opinion, I would prefer to provide my own shocks so I can be prepared for this shift.

Homeostasis plays a big part in the gap between knowing and taking action in forming positive habits and social change. We are navigating through very deep cultural and personal processes and neurological patterns, but the good news is we have the ability to be aware of these habits and co-create our evolutionary process for the positive. In our personal search for transformation, we can be aware of when we need to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones, and close the gap between understanding and taking action in creating our own evolution.

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