Why We All Need Emotional Balance in this Transformative Shift

by Emanuel Kuntzelman


Physical, mental and spiritual health has to be a balancing act. Sometimes we get there from going to the extremes, but it always has to return to a new point of balance. If you don’t have a strong and stable core, any movement or proposal you are making will be initiated from a weak foundation. In order to gain momentum in personal or social transformative practices, we need a solid platform on which to perform our transformative dance.

To be successful in our life’s purpose we must be centered, and to be centered we must have a commitment to a practice. This is the first step in finding one’s balance. A continuous practice gives us a home-base from where we can excel, but this is more than a physical sensation of keeping one’s footing. It is critical that as we experience the spiritual shift in consciousness that we remain balanced mentally. This means remaining present, open and emotionally intelligent. If we are to successfully evolve as spiritual beings, we must be balanced and centered in our psychological perspectives, and by that I mean seeing the other side of the story to enable us to be reasonably sympathetic to the “opposition.”

This does not mean I’m about to back down on my principles or ideals, but by focusing on achieving a mentally centered space, I am no longer feeling defensive or emotional in my beliefs, and therefore no longer acting antagonistically toward those that don’t share my viewpoints. Committing to achieving this holistic balance was triggered from the I Ching reading we did back in July, and it affected me so deeply that I realized that I have to make peace with the opposition. Whether I like it or not there is no other way. This is the problem that is tearing society and world apart. If we continue on these lines of looking for a fight, we will probably find one. We need to start looking for peace and become super-beings of understanding.

We can begin to find and keep this balance during these volatile times by meditating, and also committing to a practice that can center us physically, mentally and spiritually. It is only when we find balance that we will be able to create a positive shift in the world. For all the challenges this entails, it could be the most important commitment we focus on in these momentous times.






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  1. “We can begin to find and keep this balance during these volatile times by meditating, and also committing to a practice that can center us physically, mentally and spiritually.”

    This is the key. It doesn’t have to be difficult. I have managed to
    combined these three elements into one with a daily practice of power walking on the treadmill while closing my eyes and listing to audio books from trans-formative teachers followed by a session of specifically tuned music for meditation. It works for me and I attend to all three elements in the same 40 minute session.

    1. Post

      Thanks, Tom, for your comments. It is so true that we can each find a way to incorporate an integral practice into our daily lives in 40 minutes or less. And meditation–of whatever form–is the key component, and the commitment to carry through is up to each one of us. Are there any special ways that have helped you maintain the discipline of a daily practice?

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