The Spirit in Nature

by Emanuel Kuntzelman

Spirit in Nature; this phrase strikes me as almost redundant that one should even need to explain the presence of spirit in nature. The question arises as a result of the long trajectory of the materialistic paradigm that has caused society to see itself separate from nature. We are not. Human beings are living, breathing animals and part of the ecosystem of the cosmos, just as every other living thing. This idea of oneness in the cosmos isn’t a debate, and not only is it not a debate, but I’ll go one step further and say nature is the manifestation of spirit. Ergo, nature is spirit.

While that might sound like a bold statement, if we go back to the beginning it becomes very clear how this spiritual presence is evident. Accepting the Big Bang Theory, scientists are actively working to describe that primordial quantum field of potentiality and energy from which our universe sprang. Consciousness bore materiality. In the first initial moments, it wasn’t a material property, but light, that exploded into the universe.

Light is the fascinating link between the spiritual and the material. Light has no mass, no electrical charge, and no properties of rotation. The speed of light itself is what defines the limits of the observable universe of space/time. Light also has intelligence; it will follow the path of least resistance so it can most quickly get to its destination. This is known as the law of least action. We see this when we watch a sunset. The light from the sun is curving around the earth’s atmosphere to reach our eyes in the quickest route; much like a commuter would drive a few miles further to take the fast-moving expressway to avoid the city streets that are congested, and therefore slower.

Our universe was created with intelligence, as we can see from light’s many amazing properties. This spiritual source that seems so difficult to define can be found all around us. This energy field which is in a sense, pure spirit, became nature. Nature is what connects us to that Spiritual Source and is our gateway to understanding the divine essence within ourselves and our connection to the Oneness.

As such, the real source of our sense of spirituality can be found in the natural environment around us. Does nature give us spiritual strength? Absolutely. Patients in hospitals that have rooms with a view of nature recover far quicker than those without a window or a view of a natural setting. Patients with dementia who have access to a garden have 30 times less behavioral problems than those without a garden. Students do better in retaining information and in their testing, than those without access to nature. Being in contact with nature promotes healing, well-being and an overall improved state of consciousness.

Despite all the research supporting the importance of connecting with the natural outdoors, there is a growing disconnect from nature that raises serious concerns. As Thoreau says; “In wildness, is the preservation of the world.” As our truly, wild nature reserves are disappearing and we have less access to natural retreats, we risk being cut off from our Spiritual Source. If we think of the increasing number of people living in harsh urban environments with only traffic and cement to communicate with, it’s no wonder we are having a few psychological disturbances and wondering where the spiritual nature in our lives has gone.

I think this is one of the downsides of the technological revolution. Obviously, technology provides us with a lot of great tools, but the amount of time we spend with our devices, talking on cellphones, on the computer and watching television, means we are immersed in some kind of variation of electromagnetic wave energy that is bombarding our senses. This can’t be an altogether good thing.

I would encourage everyone to get back to nature. Walk down a street with trees on it, take a break in the park and get out of a city on the weekend. Find your personal full, magical connection with nature and tap into this powerful spiritual energy. According to the Gaia hypothesis, our earth is a living being, and like all living beings, energy is not equally distributed.

Just as our heart emits the most powerful energy from of our body, so the earth has its veins and arteries and own heart system. When we get to places that manifest these energy nodes, both in their natural beauty and with the flow of energy together, that combined affect is literally awesome. We are filled with this inexplicable sensation of joy and self-expression. We can sometimes literally feel Mother Nature’s love pulsating through us.

There are very significant points throughout the world that focus the flow of the earth’s energy and emit this spiritual essence. These special places can be found in numerous locations, and for me, Sedona, Arizona and Ibiza, Spain offer a perfect example of the earth’s stronger energy points. Ibiza pulsates with a special feminine energy of love and compassion.

There are different sources of energy within these sacred spots. Animals and vegetation are energy transmitters, and it should be no surprise that water is a very powerful carrier of energy. Even our sense of beauty corresponds with these higher energy levels emitted by nature.

What is really exciting, however, is our ability to influence these energy levels within our environment. Our consciousness is producing nature with every thought, idea and action we make at every moment. Being aware of the quality of our energy is extremely important when we talk about individual and social transformation. If we can grasp the responsibility we have to emit positive, constructive energy, we can successfully transform the world.

To grasp this concept, imagine walking down a busy street, passing people every few seconds venting to their friends on a cell phone. These comments affect us, and their negative energy emissions are in the universe forever. Carelessly expressing negativity is the equivalent of throwing your litter on the highway. We are unconsciously polluting the nature of the quantum field with all the garbage our minds dump out on a daily basis.

In a year symbolizing new beginnings, let’s show a new level of respect and gratitude to the nature around us, connect with our spiritual source in a positive way and be present in the Oneness that envelops us in our daily lives as we seek out our very own special place in Nature.

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  1. Such a beautiful, clearly expressed and deeply meaningful article !

    This is all so true …

    We all really need to find opportunities to re-connect with our spiritual selves as well as our spiritual surroundings to find beauty in this world again …

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