The New Answers and the Power of Purpose

A chapter excerpt by Emanuel Kuntzelman from the book; The Intelligence of the Cosmos by Ervin Laszlo 

We are living in the most critical time in human history. And there are two main reasons for this grand affirmation: firstly, we live in an age in which science has given us the essential understanding of who we are and why we are here; secondly, our civilization is now facing the greatest challenges we have ever seen. The explanations for the first reason are eloquently expressed by Ervin Laszlo and the contributing authors of this work. Sophisticated technologies have allowed us to explore the microscopic makings of the quantum world, revealing a fascinating realm of the in-formed Akashic field underlying all reality. As for this being the most challenging time in history, one only needs to look at the exponential growth of population and environmental deterioration combined with the uncontrolled increase of armaments and material greed to conclude that, unfortunately, there has been no other time that remotely compares with today.

The new paradigm of science that reveals interconnected oneness and instantaneous, nonlocal communication confirms the positive side of Einstein’s proposition that life is, indeed, miraculous. The universal mind of consciousness is infusing existence with meaning every step of the way. On the other hand, we could say there is a five-hundred-pound gorilla in the room that very few of us recognize. Whereas Jane Goodall informs us that gorillas and chimpanzees demonstrate a sense of awe at the wonder of nature, inclined as they are to marvel at the beauty and mystery of a waterfall, we humans seem to be so entranced in our material world that we have lost the ability to appreciate our natural surroundings. So many of us no longer wonder why; we simply focus on getting more material wealth before the Earth’s resources are exhausted. The “hard problem” then is not so much who we are. The evidence for an intelligent field of consciousness is becoming so extensive that even materialistic science will soon have to acquiesce and admit its existence. The harder problem seems to be why are we here? Laszlo gives us a short and definitive answer to aspire to: we are here to transmit more and higher consciousness into the universe. Unfortunately, for many of us the meaning of our existence goes no further than a desire to accumulate material possessions at our neighbor’s expense.

This book postulates that the very fabric of the universe is a purposeful field and that we are the products—perhaps the crown jewels—of this purposeful evolutionary progression over the last fourteen billion years. If that is the case, we are a long way from even understanding that meaning, let alone bringing it to fruition. Goodall refers to Laszlo’s observation that most people are evolved enough to know that they need to change, but not evolved enough to know what change they need. Thus, the hardest problem of all might be, as Laszlo states, that many people, including even scientists, do not see what they do not believe. Let’s address this lack of belief in order to better understand if there is something new in the field that we are simply not seeing. …

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  1. Thanks for yet another excellent blog.
    I have exactly the same view of the world today and like you, I’m hoping that enough of us can wake up in time to save our dear planet from the humans. (or non humans, as may well be the case!)

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