The most important moment in all of human history

Leading up to this momentous year of 2012, we have read, heard and seen many interpretations of the Mayan calendar and what Dec. 21, 2012 means for humanity.  This might seem terribly arbitrary to many, but all apocalyptic talk aside, I think this year represents an end of one era and the beginning of a new shift in consciousness in one of the most important moments in all of human history.

Join Us in a Global Oneness Celebration

In previous posts, I have expressed my excitement for the shift in consciousness that this year of 2012, symbolizes. Even more cause for celebration, in my mind, is the Transit of Venus, that to me, truly marks the beginning of a new era. To honor this important time in our evolution, I am inviting everyone to join together in a Global Oneness Celebration, June 6 beginning at 1 p.m. CST.

Synchronizing Consciousness and the Cosmic Cycle

We live our lives based on cycles. From the seconds, minutes and hours, on up to the lunar and sun cycles that create our natural rhythms; we operate and synchronize within cyclical patterns. Expanding this idea to the universe as a whole, it is logical to assume that in some ways, the entire universe is one large cycle in which our consciousness is connected, and it’s this very idea of entrainment between consciousness and the flow of the cosmos that fascinated the Maya.