Why We All Need Emotional Balance in this Transformative Shift

It is critical that as we experience the spiritual shift in consciousness that we remain balanced mentally. This means remaining present, open and emotionally intelligent. If we are to successfully evolve as spiritual beings, we must be balanced and centered in our psychological perspectives, and by that I mean seeing the other side of the story to enable us to be reasonably sympathetic to the “opposition.”

Answers from the I Ching

On a beautiful summer evening, July 23, Greenheart Transforms presented the second installment of Emanuel Kuntzelman’s I Ching workshop. Circled around the Adler Planetarium’s Spiral Sculpture, those in attendance enjoyed their picnic dinners while Emanuel opened the evening’s gathering with discussion on spiral formations, synchronicity and the cosmic evolution that has brought us to this singular moment.

Connecting to the Field through the I Ching

The first time I was ever aware of the I Ching was when I was living on the island of  Formentera, in Spain.  At the time, I was surrounded by quite a few mentors helping me along the spiritual path, but one in particular was very influential in my education in connecting to the Information Field using this technique. It was a friend named Jack who first lent me a copy of the I Ching and taught me how to use and interpret the readings found in its text.