Rediscovering Oneness in Gaia

In this era of new beginnings, taking into consideration the inevitable shift from the material to the spiritual, we must also remember that our relationship with the Earth should change from viewing it as simply a material resource to a spiritual source.  As a point of respect and even reverence, people might say that it’s hard to love a rock, but the Earth is a whole lot more than the third rock from the sun.

Quote: The Spiritual Essence that Connects Us to the Cosmos

“We need to have a total respect for the divine essence of Nature. It’s not just lofty words when we say we are made from stardust. Our consciousness and civilization of Homo sapiens did not just randomly and accidentally appear out of chaos. There is a teleological methodology behind our evolution; there is a purpose-driven impulse in our universe.

Synchronizing Consciousness and the Cosmic Cycle

We live our lives based on cycles. From the seconds, minutes and hours, on up to the lunar and sun cycles that create our natural rhythms; we operate and synchronize within cyclical patterns. Expanding this idea to the universe as a whole, it is logical to assume that in some ways, the entire universe is one large cycle in which our consciousness is connected, and it’s this very idea of entrainment between consciousness and the flow of the cosmos that fascinated the Maya.