Synchronizing Consciousness and the Cosmic Cycle

by Emanuel Kuntzelman

We live our lives based on cycles. From the seconds, minutes and hours, on up to the lunar and sun cycles that create our natural rhythms; we operate and synchronize within cyclical patterns. Expanding this idea to the universe as a whole, it is logical to assume that in some ways, the entire universe is one large cycle in which our consciousness is connected, and it’s this very idea of entrainment between consciousness and the flow of the cosmos that fascinated the Maya. Their studies of the stars allowed them to understand the flow of these cycles on a very large scale.

In this important year of 2012, the Maya believed that on Dec. 21, we will usher in the fifth sun cycle and shift into a brand new era. Providing the foundation for such a proclamation was their incredible knowledge about, what we refer to as, the precession of the equinoxes, or the 26,000 year cycle it takes for our orientation to the night sky to move 360 degrees. As the Earth wobbles on its axis, our orientation to the constellations changes as the solar system rotates around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Astronomically speaking, this means the plane of our solar system will cross over our galactic equator.

Interestingly enough, this 26,000 year journey around the Milky Way just so happens to match the estimated number of light years the Earth is from the center of the galaxy.  What an incredible coincidence that the solar system’s cycle around the center of the galaxy matches the distance in light years the Earth is from the center of the galaxy. This seems like another example of cosmic entrainment, and it is no small detail that as we cross the center of our galactic equator, the light that began bursting from the center of the galaxy when the current cycle began will finally reach our eyes.

What were the Maya hoping to understand by studying these cycles on such a large scale? They were trying to understand our position and relationship to the cosmos as time flows. They understood that cycle upon cycle builds up to bigger moments of significance. Just as we might say one second is meaningless, but that second builds up to a minute, then an hour, a day, and to a month; these cycles get bigger and more important and meaningful as they expand. This was the Maya’s way of showing their ultimate respect and love for the universe, and it was a natural way to document their events.

Observing this almost immaculate precision of the movement of the cosmos was a practice in patience and reverence to the universe. The precession of the equinox only changes one degree every 72 years. This means that while the Maya were observing this subtle movement, a given lifespan might not have even lasted long enough to detect a shift of one degree. This was a scientific approach that would have passed from generation to generation.

Granted, there is plenty of room for error in the measurement of these grand cycles. Some astronomers have pointed out that this precise moment could happen anywhere in a period of 18 years. So it is a little arbitrary to say the exact day of a shift is Dec. 21, 2012. But for the purpose of the symbolic representation, this year of 2012 will be our time of transformation and one of great significance.

Visualizing the entrainment of such large cosmic cycles– the synchronization of the Earth’s wobble on its axis, as the galaxy rotates within the universe, all moving together– is when we can realize the beauty in this connection of consciousness and cosmos.

Within these cycles, there is another very interesting movement of the planet Venus that also fascinated the Maya. Every 124 years there is a repeated cycle of Venus, where we have an eclipse of this planet crossing between the earth and the sun as a black spot traversing across the face of the sun – a process that lasts 7 hours. Almost exactly 8 years later, this transit of Venus is repeated, and it was this synchronization of movement that was highly symbolic to the Maya. Venus represented the rise of Quetzalcoatl from the underworld, the rebirth.

I should give some credit to Carl Johan Calleman. In his book, The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness, Calleman explains the great significance of this Transit of Venus. He felt this cycle was so important to the Maya that he also called for a Oneness Celebration in 2004. Don’t fret if you missed the first gathering, as we have another opportunity on June 6, 2012.

In this very significant year, the end of this large cycle, there is a phase two of a transit of Venus happening on June 6. Without going any deeper into astronomy and the rotation of the galaxy and Maya symbolism, I will jump to my own conclusion and say this transit of Venus, both astronomically and symbolically, really heralds the new era.

To honor this important event, I’m proposing a worldwide Oneness Celebration on June 6, 2012. Beginning at 1 p.m., CST, I’m calling for like-minded groups, individuals and cohorts in consciousness around the world to join us in a Gaia meditation for Oneness, which will also coincide with our Transit to Transformation retreat in Ibiza where our participants will also be taking part in the celebration. I feel that in the mind’s eye of universal consciousness, we can see this moment as a true beginning of a new era of consciousness–when we literally see the light of the dawn of the spiritual transformative age.

These grand cycles, and the Mayan efforts are really important to me, and the more I read about this incredible year in books by John Major Jenkins, Calleman and Paul LaViolette, the more excited I become. Now, whether or not people physically feel anything on these major calendar events is not the point, it’s about human consciousness and synchronizing with the cosmos to shift toward a positive transformation.  We are going to see things from a different angle.

Just like when we cross the equator, a lot of things shift, the magnetic field changes, the spiral action of water even changes direction. So, if that is happening just by walking across the equator – expand that by 26,000 light years and think how significant it could be to astronomically and psycho-spiritually cross into a new  and a huge cosmic turning point. I genuinely believe something will shift in the way we view our world and how we will live as a society.  May it all begin with the transit of Venus on June 6!


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