Seeking Spiritual Ecstasy

I’ve had a recurring thought as of late, and while I can usually ignore something once or twice, persistence pays off. The words I find myself repeating are “spiritual ecstasy”, a term, I realize not everyone is familiar with, but a feeling we’ve all encountered at some point in our lives.

When we are children we spend many moments in this state of spiritual ecstasy.   Youth provides a perfect space for this purity of wonder as our consciousness has not yet been clouded with cultural expectations and social conditioning.  I believe we first experience this around the age of five or six when we begin to realize we are individual, self-reflective beings of consciousness. For me, this was certainly the case.

I have a vivid recollection of a spring day, sitting in the lower branches of the apple tree in our front yard, the sun filtering through the blossoms, and gazing up at a vibrant blue sky.  It was a moment of personal revelation, more intuitive than intellectual, but I felt then and there what a grand glory it was to be a unique conscious being—to be a part of the human species.

There were other moments throughout my childhood that I recall this same pure feeling of wonder, gratitude and joy of being alive, but as time moved on those moments became fewer and far between, as they do for us all.   As we gradually become culturally conditioned to our social circumstances, we lose this connection to our spiritual ecstasy, and so we must actively summon this wonder within our adult selves.

Personally, I find these moments coincide with meditation and exercise. Whether I’m running, rowing, or swimming, I try to mediate, and it’s during these times of active inputs when that natural high of pure endorphins and clean energy overwhelms me, and I return to this space of spiritual ecstasy.  It’s in these moments that I best understand my own purpose in this universe, and I rededicate myself to serve this higher cause.

Material science would say that that this feeling is nothing more than a release of chemicals in the brain, but it’s much more than neuropsychology—it’s a combination of summoning the source within and allowing it to meet with the source above as the two blend together in a miraculous moment that knows the glory of being a part of creation.  These are the times that fortify my spirit and replenish my energy for when life gets tough, and there is no doubt that life will get tough.

This past year has been a reminder of that, and 2014 was filled with challenges, but, as with everything in this life, there is a reason. These challenges have filled me with a rejuvenated commitment to my calling.  I feel that I have been given a second opportunity in this life, and despite the pain and struggles, I am more committed, humbled, and dedicated to my service than ever before.

Yes, life can be painful, but I have found more than ever in this past year that I can still find spiritual ecstasy in the midst of discomfort.  And so what I want to say is this—seek your spiritual ecstasy!  Meditate on a mountain or take a walk in nature, and do it on a regular basis.  Let it fill your heart with joy, and let it replenish your spirit, for there will be times when you will need to draw on that reserve and energy and understand that we can still find the greatest moments in the midst of our greatest challenges.

I step into 2015 with a renewed conviction to seek my spiritual ecstasy and to fortify myself with joy and energy in order to make my contribution to the needs of humanity.


Comment below and share how you are seeking your own spiritual ecstasy to find the energy and inspiration to follow your calling.

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  1. For me it happens when I take a moment out of my busy life to walk into the woods. Whether it is summer or the quiet of a snowy day, I walk far enough in where I can no longer see the road or houses, and then I just stop, put my arms up the in the air, listen, and go ‘ahhh’. A feeling of peace reaches into my soul; I feel gratitude, and after about 5 minutes, am ready to come back into my world renewed.
    This can also happen when I watch a sunset over the water….

    1. This is precisely what we need to do: find a special place where we can find our spirit in nature and re-energize ourselves with the wonder of the “ahhh” moment, which then might become an “aha” moment.

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