Moving Beyond our Vulnerabilities

by Emanuel Kuntzelman

While sitting on the panel discussion for “Spiritual Leadership in Your Communityat the Green Metropolis Fair on April 26, the question was asked: “How do we as leaders in the community handle our personal vulnerabilities, and how much do they effect us in our work.”

I must say that the whole field of vulnerability doesn’t resonate with me at this point in my life. I understand we can all experience moments of self-consciousness, but as leaders in our spiritual search it doesn’t serve any of us to approach an opportunity considering our vulnerabilities. Instead, we should be considering our personal strengths.

Alexander the Great probably didn’t ride into battle thinking about his weaknesses as an individual. And likewise, a spiritual leader must realize the power of consciousness lies in being present and aware to the positive strengths and potential within every opportunity.

The hard work and commitment to practice will carry us toward success, and this comes with experience. Vulnerability dissipates with learning and training. Personally, I feel my days as a Boy Scout and young athlete were crucial to the development of self-confidence as a leader.  I learned quickly that I was limited physically in size and ability, and to excel I would have to depend on my tenacity, vision and confidence. These factors have a much bigger variable, and I realized early on to apply them alongside my physical endeavors to achieve success. This was good training ground for when I entered leadership roles in the business world and within the spiritual community. Whatever I was lacking in these experiences, I could make up for it by tapping into these extraordinary capacities that we all have, and let any feelings of vulnerability subside.

All of us have access to an infinite source of energy within the field of consciousness. Meditation, personal practice and positive intentions are the important ingredients in effective leadership and overcoming the challenges attached to feelings of vulnerability.


Comment below on what practices you engage to help you overcome feelings of vulnerability and uncertainty in your own spiritual leadership opportunities.

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