Lighting the Fuse on a Planetary Awakening

This is truly the moment of transformation. We’re there, and I’ve been considering this since the completion of the 16th International IONS Conference in July when close to 700 people gathered together on the same wavelength. It was invigorating. Not only is this movement gaining momentum on an intellectual basis, but also there is a growing commitment that is stirring for positive social action.

This isn’t just a bunch of talk. People are truly excited about the possibilities of a positive shift in consciousness, and ready to do their part and then some. What I took away from the IONS Conference was that a Planetary Awakening is in our midst. Listening to amazing presenters like Federico Faggin, who is on the cusp of finding a Unified Field Theory, learning about the incredible experiments Dean Radin is doing on the power of consciousness, Barbara Marx Hubbards’ tireless work on creating transformative movements and Dr. Cassandra Vieten’s efforts in fostering the efforts at IONS, it is easy to see that we are on the brink of global transformation.

In the days and weeks after an inspiring and motivating experience, it is important to keep the momentum going and the spirit alive within in a community. Whether that means getting intentional on finding like-minded people to collaborate and practice with, or to expand our current community to make a broader impact, it’s important to stay engaged.

A Legitimacy to Studies on Consciousness

My view of the conference’s theme “science of being and spirit of community” is that this concept is here to stay. It’s like puncturing a hole in the Titanic. The idea that material science is primary has been punctured, and it’s only a matter of time before the power of consciousness floods into mainstream understanding.

The probability of consciousness arising from the material world is about as likely as a hurricane blowing through a junkyard and assembling a Boeing 757. In our current efforts to study consciousness as primary, we are getting closer to arriving at a mathematical construct that upholds and supports this theory, and it will change everything. Finally, there will be legitimacy to studies on consciousness, and educational institutions will be scrambling to embrace these efforts, further boosting our knowledge and the potential for a grand transformation.

And this shift is going to happen whether it is next year with Federico Faggin’s ongoing studies or in five years with the help of Amit Goswami. We are going to experience a unification of science and spirituality that will bring us all on the same page to move us forward. In this momentous event of our Planetary Awakening, we will be able to celebrate a new value system based on compassion and cooperation. This is the shift in our story as human beings.

Once this thought-process becomes mainstream, we could see a year 2020 where more people are embracing this conscious viewpoint. Collaborations with individuals and among organizations are creating a sense of urgency for a change that needs to happen. This is a tidal shift that will flow and inundate human understanding with a new consciousness.

How do you envision this Planetary Awakening unfolding as a mainstream viewpoint? Share your thoughts below.

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