Investing in Environmentalism

We are getting to a real turning point in these turbulent times, and the effectiveness of our social movement is critical. What is giving me confidence in this current transformative shift is that there is no “ism” associated with either religion or politics behind this movement. Perhaps the only “ism” that needs to be a focus of our conscious collective is environmentalism, and investing in the future by how we treat the earth today.

Being environmentally conscious is gaining ground as a standard way of living. If we see the planet within the context of our own house or apartment, we can get a perspective of how serious a crime it is to ourselves when we disregard the well-being of the planet.

We don’t trash our own homes, leaving garbage and toxic fumes in our personal shelters, so why do we struggle to uphold environmental agendas for our global home around the world? One possible reason is that we have lost touch with our connection to nature and our natural surroundings.

Nature is defined as everything outside of human activity. Let’s redefine nature and talk about it as part of our essential spirit and source of self. This environmental movement is something we can all rally around to end the horrendous destruction to our planet. However, this call to action has to be non-partisan and we have to get it out of the debate on taking sides on this issue. We are all in this together, and mutually responsible for the health and well being of our environment.

We cannot have mere exploitation for the growth and profit of a powerful few. At what benefit to humankind does this imbalance offer? None. We have to come to whole new terms as to what economic progress means in the 21st century, and that doesn’t mean mass-producing more things.

There are a lot of small choices each of us has to make on a daily basis that affect our global health. While it can seem like a daunting task to “save the planet” we can make personal decisions with our actions and our dollars each day to create a critical mass of environmentally conscious communities. This can start with avoiding using plastic bags or thinking twice about the purchase of items that could be borrowed or bought second-hand. Our habits affect our planet, and this is a movement that each of us can join.

This is the first step in positively investing in the long-term good of the whole. Since the dawn of the industrial revolution we have been thinking short term for the good of the individual, and that has been the root of our problem. As we shift this perspective, the first questions we must ask ourselves are: how much of an environmentalist are we, and how much material progress are we willing to shift away to accept the core essentials that we need?

Want to learn more about how each of us can be a part of this environmental movement?

Join me and Greenheart Transforms for an evening with Lynne Twist, co-founder of the Pachamama Alliance, on October 27 at the Bodhi Spiritual Center in Chicago.

We’ll discuss the wisdom of the Achuar people of the Amazon Rainforest, gain insights from their deep reverence for the environment, and learn how we can bring forth a thriving, just, and sustainable world for all.


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