Getting Technical About the 2012 Mayan Prophecies

by Emanuel Kuntzelman

Astronomers around the world have predicted that 2012 will likely be one of the worst years for solar radiation.  The cycles of the sun’s activity are quite predictable and 2012 is definitely going to be an active one.  This has, in fact, already begun, and on the days following intense solar flares, there are physiological changes on earth.  On November 17th, for example, I was particularly concerned about solar radiation because that was the day I gave a talk on “The Second Coming of Consciousness.”  It was a weird day from the start.  There was a large telecommunication blackout in Japan; our own computer network at CCI was down most of the day; everyone, myself included, seemed to be in a somewhat funky and agitated mood.  I did some research and realized that the effects of a large solar storm were reaching the earth.  The days before, on the surface of the sun, explosions had produced earth-sized flares bursting out thousands of miles into space.  And it was just reaching us, with extra radiation slipping through the normally protective shield of the earth’s magnetic field, making us feel rather strange.  Well, I meditated upon it all, and the talk came off better than the rest of the day.

When such days happen, and there will be plenty over the next year, the best thing to do is meditate as much as possible.  As we meditate, preferably in a group, we go beyond the agitated mental state produced by excess radiation and get acclimated to the higher energy, which can be used to our advantage if we are prepared to process it.  If we plug an electrical device made to run on 110 volts into a system based on 220, the device will quickly burn out.  That doesn’t mean that 220 is worse than 110; it just means the device needs to be adapted to handle the extra voltage.  Likewise the magnetic fields of our hearts and brains need to be ready to cope with the higher frequency radiation reaching us during these times.  To do this we need to relax, de-stress, meditate, and trust in the power of our collective action to give us the global coherence to convert the extra energy into positive action.

There is a lot going on cosmologically these days.  The earth wobbles on its axis, causing a 26,000 year cycle of the rotation of the constellations of the night sky.  This precession, as it is called, is now completing its cycle where the earth’s orbit directly aligns with the galactic center of the Milky Way.  At the same time, it just so happens that the earth is located 26,000 light years from the center of our galaxy.  Is it mere coincidence that the cycle of precession equals the light year distance to the center of the Milky Way?  Astrophysicist Paul LaViolette thinks this is the result of cosmic entrainment.  The immense energy produced at the core of our galaxy could very well be part of the cyclical system, causing the alignment of the earth with the galactic plane to occur at the same moment that potential superwaves of cosmic radiation are reaching us from center of the galaxy.  This seeming coincidence forms part of LaViollete’s “superwave” theory, and Mayan researcher John Major Jenkins tends to agree.  Here’s what Jenkins has to say:

“No known law exists to explain why the earth’s orbital plane should be locked to the coordinates of the Galactic Center, unless some kind of magnetic entrainment principle is responsible.  Statistically, it is very unlikely that this would be an accident; however, what seems probable here is that the Galactic Center is a giant field generator, to the degree that the rotational plane of our solar system naturally entrains itself to it.”

Could it be that the cosmos, whether by mere accident or divine design, has concocted a moment where the earth aligns with the galactic center just as a superwave of cosmic energy whacks us with full force?  There are many astronomers and scientists who think that may well be the case.  Adrian Gilbert and Maurice Cotterell postulate that even the Mayans knew about this.  They claim that the Mayan calendar also predicts this solar activity and link it to 2012.

And could all this be happening just when the earth’s magnetic field is weakening and cracking, potentially allowing bursts of cosmic and solar rays to slip through, jolt our hearts and brains, and shock us into a transformation of consciousness?  My view is that to some degree, all of this is actually happening.  As I said before, it won’t happen all of a sudden on December 21st.  It is happening now, has been happening for a number of years, and will continue.  We are at the trough of the superwave.  We are crossing the galactic equator.  Our constellations have come full circle.  It is the dawn of a new era.  The frequencies of solar and cosmic radiation are increasing.  As you sit reading this, we are all being bombarded by the most potent transformational energy in history.  Be alert to it and ready to receive.  You cannot resist and you couldn’t sleep through it even if you wanted to.

It could be a turbulent time and shake things up a bit.  But, so what?—people pay to go on roller coasters at amusement parks.  The cosmos is providing this wild ride for free.  So, let’s relax and go with the flow.  Hold onto your hats and keep a strong stomach.  Eat right.  Think positive thoughts.  Cut back on toxic substances.  Get exercise.  And above all, entrain your mind to the new energy.  Meditate.  Ommmm…

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