Five Key Points to Consider in our Journey Toward Transformation

by Emanuel Kuntzelman

If only it were that simple to check off five steps and find ourselves evolved as holistic humans. Perhaps it really is that easy, but in the meantime I want to share the following important points to consider as we travel on this extraordinary path toward transformation.

1. Realizing the Singularity is Near

On average it seems we have an approach/avoidance conflict with this statement, and a natural tendency to hide our heads in the sand. Perhaps I am the only crazy one who believes that this is one of the most important times in human history. I tend to be an optimist, however, and sense I can’t be alone in my sense of urgency for a shift in consciousness.

Ray Kurzweil, author, scientist, futurist, and director of engineering at Google considers the technological effect on these critical times, and the effect of Artificial Intelligence evolving more quickly than human intelligence. Our dependence on technology is frightening, and often times I find myself also burying my head in the sand as I can’t even figure out my iPhone. If we don’t begin the necessary soul-based investment in ourselves, we will not be able to adapt to the escalating pace of time and stimulation that is already taking affect on society.

2. Cultivating Extraordinary Capacities

In times of crisis two things happen to our benefit: a common threat brings us together in community, and when faced with life or death challenges, our extraordinary capacities are more readily accessible.  The development of these capacities encourages “radical inclusion,” peace-seeking or compassionate communication and community building. These positive results only occur through intentional response, however, and not fundamental reactions.  The work must be done now to ensure that in times of crisis or challenge, we find ourselves making positive choices and trusting in our extraordinary capacities for positive transformation.

3. Harmonizing Our Energies

We need to find our “home frequency” or unique, individual vibrational tone, and seek ways to get our frequency to sync with others. Integrated coherence is the key to working together. By understanding our energetic quality and how it affects others around us, we can amplify wave patterns to create an energetic whole much stronger than its parts.This requires that we are in tune with our natural vibrational quality and seek out those that harmonize with our individual frequency to create flow in our efforts to create a community based on cooperation versus competition.

4. Exploring the Duality of the Individual Soul and the Universal Source

To achieve transformation, it is important to utilize the wisdom and energy available to our soul-based leadership development. The Field of Consciousness offers unlimited opportunities to realize our capacity for positive transformation, but we need to find the common frequency where our soul resonates with the Source.

5. Creating a Social Action Plan for the Enlightenment of the Planet

Wow, that is a tall task.  For planetary enlightenment, however one defines it, to occur we all must be incredibly intentional in our approach and personal work. Time is of the essence (see point #1) and it is our moral obligation to take responsibility for the evolution of ourselves and the collective.


Comment below on what’s on your social action plan and we can inspire each other in this incredible, transformative journey.

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