Finding Inner Peace in the Frenzy of the Holiday Season

by Emanuel Kuntzelman

We all enter the holiday season with the best of intentions of holiday cheer and stress free engagement with loved ones, only to see ourselves somewhat overwhelmed by the frenzy and fury of the season, unraveling with every social obligation, family reunion and growing to-do lists. Instead of the consumer focus on gift-buying this month, get through these busy next few weeks by concentrating first and foremost on the quality of our inner spiritual being. Make a resolution to yourself right now, don’t wait for next year or a specific day of the holiday season, and repeat the affirmation that you are committed to remaining healthy, vital and balanced within your mind, body, heart and soul.

To achieve this spiritual calm, we must commit to taking the time to meditate or finding a safe space in our own spirit, and receiving the nourishment available to us within the field of consciousness. This is energy we need in order to transform throughout the new year ahead. When we create moments in the day to find that special space within our consciousness, and give love to ourselves, we are that much better prepared to give love to others.

And when you do send out that love, remember you are doing so unconditionally. You aren’t giving to get something in return; this is the most important lesson we have to learn in our material society. Not only is giving as good as receiving, giving is better than receiving. When compassion is given with a true and open heart, without any expectations, our intentions will bring the greatest benefits. During this time of year especially, what we need is to give and receive a strong dose of love, respect and admiration.

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