Envisioning a World Transformed; Making it a Reality

To successfully navigate through these challenging times, there must be an understanding of the importance of the “science of being and the spirit of community.” The science of being is about knowing what our “being” is, and studying our capacities to influence the material world. Do telepathy, precognition, and remote healing work? This deep internal study can even go as far as scientifically proving if is there a soul, and if so, what’s it made of? How does it work?

Right now, the scientific community considers many of these ideas to be new age hogwash, but in the not-so-far future these theories will not only be understood, they will be implemented as the cutting edge technology of the global community.

Gaining a New Perspective

I believe our success in making it through the materialistic depths of our evolutionary wave trough requires a new perspective. If we were looking 150 years into the past, and were to ask individuals if they believed the electromagnetic field existed, they would not even have known what the idea meant. At the time, the notion of electricity was little more than a dream in Thomas Edison’s mind. Now, of course, such technology is such an integral part of our lives that we take it for granted.

Likewise, the present day concept of the “science of being” is in a similar state of acceptance. We are just scratching the surface right now in understanding our super normal capacities. I believe that in a few decades the work that the Institute of Noetic Sciences is doing will be accepted and understood as common place and will be the boon of the science and spiritual community. When we understand that mind influences matter, that our thoughts bring about positive outcomes, and that our intentions mold the future, then there will be a rush to develop products and services based on these new technologies.

As for the spirit of community, that’s more the sociological systems theory of how planet Earth will live together in peace, harmony and prosperity. Again, let’s take a look at life 150 years ago.

Women weren’t allowed to vote, slavery had just been abolished and that was still in disagreement, let alone any notion of civil rights. Colonialism was still all the rage, and there was no regard for indigenous tribes. While we still have a number of strides to make in present-day society, the spirit of community is generally moving toward a more compassionate and cooperative way of living.

Envisioning Our Future

If we were to visualize 100-150 years into the future I believe people will say, “Do you realize in 2015 there were global wars, nation-state quarrels and that mindfulness practice wasn’t a part of the educational system?! Can you believe that they were still ruining the water tables and geophysical structure by fracking? What were people thinking back then to be willing to sacrifice Mother Earth to squeeze out every last little drop of oil?”

Of course, in the year 2165, we are envisioning a world that doesn’t rely on fossil fuels and instead runs on clean technology. Nor will our culture of the future be numb to violence through video games and movies as part of everyday entertainment. One hundred and fifty years in the future we will be able to see how far we’ve come, and exist with a moral standard that values compassion for the whole rather than an “every man for themselves” mentality. This evolved culture understands the worth of a person is not based on their material possessions, but rather how much they give back for the sake of the whole.

Taking Action in the Present

But coming back to the present moment, we don’t have to be torn between judging a turbulent past and wishing for a utopian future state of the world. By engaging with people currently working to create a reality that embodies the science of being and spirit of community, we can see we are already on a path toward passion, peace and prosperity.

I feel this change will happen even faster than this 150-year time frame. People are able to visualize immense technological shifts happening at a faster pace, and it is my hope we can envision a positive shift socially and culturally with the same enthusiasm. It is imperative that we raise the lower base of our cultural and moral vibrations to a higher frequency if we are to live in peace and harmony.

Fortunately, there are communities that are embracing this shift with whole-hearted passion. Want a glimpse of the post-transformative world of 2165? Join me May 5th for Envisioneers, an inspiring evening event bringing together a collective of mindful leaders who are already putting these ideas into action. I look forward to seeing you there at this free event, and hope to celebrate our ascent on the evolutionary wave, together.


  • When: Tuesday, May 5th, 6-8:30pm
  • Where: Bodhi Spiritual Center, 2746 N Magnolia Ave, Chicago, IL 60614
  • Tickets: Complimentary – Reserve your space now


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  1. Just found your site (added a comment on your evolutionary panentheism post). Great stuff.

    In fact, if you’re willing to thoroughly let go of materialist prejudice, there’s enough empirical evidence to imagine a thoroughly transformed society long before 2115.

    Assume the psi research is valid – take Jim Carpenter’s notion of “First Sight” – understanding that there is a psi-field in which we’re all connected prior to our ordinary perceptions and communications. Since there is also evidence for shared dreaming, it is most likely that we are even at this moment communicating/communing in other “psi-fields”.

    The evidence for a direction in evolution is overwhelming. If psi (particularly psychokinesis) is occurring, then consciousness (love!) driving evolution is almost inescapable.

    Take away the naive materialist belief in fixed “laws of nature” and we find consciousness “hiding” within the forms it manifests, unfolding in intuitively crafted patterns, emerging in one celled organisms, becoming more complex in reptiles, mammals and primates.

    Much, much more to say – but there’s so much just plain simple empirical science – going FAR beyond anything Michael Dowd has to say!! – that is ripe for the picking.

    My Amazon review of “Beyond Physicalism” gives some hints, and my http://www.integralworld.net article, “Shaving Science With Ockham’s Razor” gives some hints about a very easy way to simply bypass materialist/physicalist dogma altogether.

    And just for fun, stop by over at http://www.remember-to-breathe.org


    1. Don,

      Thanks for your kind comments and especially for your enthusiasm for transformation. It is always comforting to hear from others that I am almost too conservative in my transformative projections. Synchronicities and spontaneous collaborations are bursting out just about everywhere these days, so something in the evolutionary process seems to know what it is doing, which is what Aurobindo foresaw. He was really the first that I know of to put the dynamic process of Nature into modern terms, albeit with plenty of words. The Life Divine is a masterpiece, but not for those seeking truth on Twitter.

      The convergence of like-minded individuals getting together with common values to transform society is a truly exciting process, taking place right here and now before our eyes, hearts and souls. I checked out Remember-to-breathe and appreciate your contribution to bringing the heart and brain together. I’ve been remembering to breathe for a few minutes throughout the day and it really helps to synchronize the waves within.

      I look forward to continuing our conversation.

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