Envisioning a World Transformed; A Day of Inspiration and Taking Action

by Emanuel Kuntzelman

Envisioning a World Transformed was an incredibly inspiring day filled with a special energy. I had the feeling that it was a family or high school reunion, as if long lost friends or relatives found an excuse to get back together to share stories. Of course, most of these people had never met prior to this, but it was encouraging and invigorating to feel attendees awakening to new friendships, new ideas and an understanding that not only were they not isolated individuals somewhere out in left field, they were very much a part of a growing and transformative trend in society to change the world for the better.

I was inspired on many different levels. Individually, it was rewarding and fulfilling to play a slightly different role facilitating an event like this. On a collective basis, I found it very convincing that Greenheart Transforms is on the right track in our efforts to bring people together, share common causes and stoke the fire to get positive change going. I was also pleased that there were so many members of the younger demographic who participated.

This collaboration between different age groups and demographics is essential to create any lasting positive change. For me, one of the more convincing points was to hear so many different stories and different approaches essentially saying the same thing, which is:  with the will, the vision and relentless drive, each one of us as an individual can make a huge difference. That is really the point that we set out to make when creating Envisioning a World Transformed. We wanted to convince people that no matter how lonely, misunderstood or discouraged they might feel in their transformative idealism, there is a whole community of like-minded individuals anticipating this change with an immense amount of energy and vision.

I got the sense that people were grateful for the opportunity to listen to inspiring stories, share their own and feel confirmed and committed to carry on in the future.  It is with genuine gratitude that I thank everyone responsible for helping with the organization of this event, for attending and above all and most importantly, for finding their vision and making it reality.

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