Conscious Evolution Arises from the Meeting of Spirit and Matter

To better understand the purpose of our evolution, we first need to examine how it works. There is a dialectic process at play and in the case of cosmic evolution, the thesis is primordial consciousness and spirituality, and the antithesis is the material manifestation of the universe.

In simple terms, you have spirit and matter butting heads, so to speak, and evolution is the end result. The Divine, the Big Bang, God, Source–however we want to define this spiritual essence, initially downloaded light to start the evolutionary process. While light is not characterized as matter, it initiated the birth of particles, atoms and molecules and so on. It is the combination of these spiritual and material elements that has emerged as the evolutionary impulse for the past 14 billion years.

We are now in a new phase of our evolution, however. In this next transition, instead of spirit and matter shaping the cosmic unfolding, the driving evolutionary force now emerges as the synthesis from primordial source being witnessed by human’s self-reflective consciousness as it gains an understanding that it has its own, co-creative power to contribute to a possibly new, deeper interpretation of the original spirit that put us here.

This dialectic process is, in this point of view, Source’s way of creating a counterpoint and a new hologram of self-reflective understanding. At the very least, the Divine Source has had a chance to stare at itself in this mirror of the human mind and maybe, just maybe, evolve to become even more perfect than it is, if that’s possible.

“Does Source evolve?” is the question I have posed to several spiritual leaders, including Ervin Laszlo and Peter Russell, and I believe that this primordial desire to become evermore perfect is manifested in unconditional “high love.” The antithesis of this in our current time is “high-tech” materiality. Our ultimate challenge is to discover how we find a peaceful synthesis between high-love and high-tech to create a high impact, yet peaceful evolutionary process for the future.


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