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Celebrating Love as the Driving Force of Evolution

I find myself, of late, giving a lot of thought to the driving force of things. What is it that moves us forward? What has taken us, as conscious beings, from a place of the basic pursuit of survival to the phase of human life we now know? In honor of Valentine’s Day, we have the perfect opportunity to explore these questions and discover what role love might play in our evolution.

Love is Far More Than Survival

Recently, I have come across writings that depict love as a by-product of evolutionary survival. In our earliest existence as mankind, we found the need to band together in search of group affection. Thus, our want for closeness informed the understanding of a higher emotional experience, and this is what many call love. However, this is an idea colored by the materialistic philosophy that supports “survival of the fittest” and many other theories. In this approach, love arises out of human relationship and individual need—attraction, wanting, expectation. I believe in love as a charge that far surpasses the intrigue of courtship.

Materialistic love is led by fear and egoism—two sides of the same coin— driven by urges to correct our separateness from one another and from source. When we mature in evolutionary process and grasp a different perspective, we see that love is not about separateness. We do not have to spend our lives rectifying this story of separation, of the trauma we’ve endured in sensing that we are individual mortal beings simply struggling to survive.

Love For Its Own Sake

For billions of years, human consciousness did not exist. Because of this, many believe the universe to be nothing more than a dead, “material” chunk of space. The universe, however, is not some dead thing; it is, and always has been, alive. From whence we came, love abides a role far beyond what we have discussed thus far; from the primordial field of consciousness, the driving force behind evolution and existence arose—Evolutionary Love. Once, the primary source of the universe—the field of consciousness—conceived the first thought of love. To itself the field thought, “How may I self-express? How may I appreciate all that I am?” The answer was to allow its being to commence becoming.

This self-reflective process and manifestation of oneness brought us Love for the sake of love, lighting the fuse that catalyzed the Big Bang. It has been the driving force behind the evolutionary process ever since. This unconditional true love does not come knocking in want, does not allow loving for the sake of receiving something in return. In contrast, this is a pure state of all-encompassing love. In universal love, there is an understanding of the joy of the universe expressing itself. On a broad scale, we know the inner joy, celebration, and scintillation of aliveness. It is love from the primordial essence, through the present day, that has allowed all that is to come into being.

Universal Love of All Sentient Beings

On Valentine’s Day, we are supposed to celebrate love. What kind of love do you choose to celebrate? The key to existence is not in individual survival; the greatest testament to love is not in the most enviable post of a paramour’s gift of flowers on social media. This year, remember that while we are all separate beings, this does not mean we are alone. Each of us, brilliant and unique, is held by source in universal love; here we are one with the essence of source, never separate. Together with all things, we are one Self enamored of the goodness in our whole. In Universal Love, we know that we are all one.

Even this guy.

This blob fish feels the love too.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

How do you open yourself to connecting with this universal love? Share your comments below!


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  1. Love the phrase “we are one with the essence of source.” Thank you for sharing about the power and impulse of love, Emanuel. Here’s to you and all your boundless good works!

    Love from Pam

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