Igniting the Holomovement in this Historical Moment in History

As more of us embark on this journey we can begin to build momentum for a critical mass of mainstream understanding moving us from an ‘I’ to ‘we’ to ‘all’ state of consciousness. This was the vision that inspired a gathering last March 23-27 in Sedona, Arizona entitled “Igniting the Holomovement.”

Releasing Our Cherished Notions and Uniting in Radical Collaboration

In my previous article, we explored how we can embody genuine love by releasing and healing our trauma and grievances. Parallel to this important practice of healing our hearts, we must also consider how to liberate our minds from habitual thought-patterns and “cherished” beliefs that stall our collective realization of our inherent wholeness.  The 7th Unifying Principle of the Holomovement …

The New Answers and the Power of Purpose

Laszlo states, that many people, including even scientists, do not see what they do not believe. Let’s address this lack of belief in order to better understand if there is something new in the field that we are simply not seeing.

Holomovement, Holons and the Building Blocks of the Cooperative World

Building meaningful connections is a life-long practice. A relationship founded in trust, compassion and love requires one to give up a sense of independence to immerse their whole being in this energetic blending. This doesn’t mean we lose our sense of self, but rather we embody our cosmic origins, a lesson we can all learn from the humble “holon.”

Finding Hope in the Holomovement

We need a strategic plan. A transformative movement of this magnitude also needs a name to rally around, one I propose calling the Holomovement.