The Spiritual Rebirth of Democracy

We are innately good beings, having evolved out of biological cooperation and into compassionate spirits, but we no longer seem willing to live according to our highest principles. To reverse this trend, it is time to re-examine what the true purpose is of being a human being and put it into practice. Are you hoping to rediscover your deepest purpose, one that will restore a sense of spiritual meaning and fulfillment in life?

Book Review: Transparency by Penney Peirce

Penney Peirce’s fourth book, “Transparency; Seeing Through to Our Expanded Human Capacity,” offers a solution for personal and societal transformation, not by left-brained logic, but through a spherical connection with all things.

Democracy: the Tormented Artist

The fate of such artists and so many other great thinkers makes us take pause as to why our best ideas take so long in gaining acceptance…

Feeling Anxious? Try a Dose of True Purpose

Material goods and technology can contribute to positive change, but only when there’s meaning and intention. We are living in a crisis fueled by a lack of collective purpose, and people are wondering what’s next.

A Flickering of Hope for the Future

With the wisdom of the elders giving way to the determined action of the young, I felt profoundly re-inspired. I suddenly knew that the flickering light of hope was most assuredly ready to burn with the full radiance and audacity of hope.

Singing the Transformative Blues

Many of us are still lost in the swirl of chaos, wondering how much worse things will become before they get better. It kind of makes us want to sing the blues.