A New Paradigm of Populism with Purpose

In many ways, 2016 is becoming the summer of discontent. We have witnessed an increasingly acrimonious atmosphere in politics, continued acts of random violence and terrorism, the rise of ethnocentric nationalism, and the highly unfortunate vote of “Brexit,” or the U.K.’s intention to leave the European Union. All of this is often grouped by the media under the heading of the rise of “populism”—some sort of revolt by the general public in opposition to the assumed governing elites. Unfortunately, this movement is the opposite of what is needed in these critical times and represents a fearful return to the past, and all that has failed us, rather than an optimistic leap into the future that embraces all that is right about the new paradigm.

This so-called populism is nothing other than a disguise for a reactionary retreat to modernist, even archaic, levels of consciousness. It is an excuse for some sectors of society to express the bigotry, racism and egocentric separatism that they never evolved beyond to begin with. It supports narcissistic bullies of the worst kind, masquerading as would be leaders. Let there be no doubt, this is all one huge knee-jerk reaction fueled by the fear of change, trying to avoid the challenges of peacefully transforming ourselves into a global community of spiritual beings.

Simultaneously, however, there is another kind of “populism” emerging that represents the new paradigm, based on the latest understandings of the interconnectivity of quantum physics, the creativity of consciousness in health care, the power of shared purpose in organizational structure, and the indomitable will of the human heart to be fair to our fellow humans. Above all, it aspires to uphold the vitality of the earth’s ecosystem.

The Other Face of Populism

This is the kind of populism that represents the emergent norm of our highest human values, representing the altruistic nature of our species at its best. And these values of truth, beauty and goodness are the attractors in this chaotic bifurcation that will bring the transformative movement together and synthesize it into the positive change our civilization so desperately needs.

Indeed, it is happening on a mass scale, although not quite right before our eyes, because the media likes to focus on conflict, on bickering and bitter people, who seem to attract more attention than the evolving consciousness of peace, love and understanding. But it is most definitely happening, and it won’t be long before it becomes part of the news. As an example of organizations working toward positive change, in the last ten weeks I have attended the following five events that represent the explosion of this new populism in its highest form:

While the content of these events was extraordinary in itself, the most encouraging aspect was the quality of the people I met and their intentions to redirect the course of history. The opportunities to share ideas with like-minded souls who are serious about doing their part in ushering in the great transformation are exhilarating. Let there be no doubt, the bifurcation of human civilization is upon us. On the one hand there are those reverting to the days of tribal protectionism, hoping to survive within a walled-in enclave of egocentric selfishness.

The other face of populism represents the rapidly growing numbers of people all over the world who envision a new, holistic humanity that is willing to make the individual sacrifice necessary for the good of the whole. The history of biology tells us that species that survive are the ones that learn to cooperate. Now is the time to speak out for the right kind of populist revolt, the one that stands up for humanity as a whole, as an inclusive, open, living organism of hope and trust.

Applying This Paradigm Shift to Business

This is not just about spiritual philosophy, but also gives us a perspective on new paradigm applications in business and management as well. Success in any organization requires adaptability and vision to be on the leading edge of change and influence. Whether you are working independently as an entrepreneur or leading a team of employees, understanding this paradigm shift is essential for survival, both as a business and as a species. The social Darwinian concept of competition has been flipped on its head. It’s time we moved away from just surviving and instead focus on thriving.

To foster a flourishing enterprise requires an understanding that the new paradigm of business is about compassion, cooperation, empowerment, transparency, co-leadership, and holographic thinking. All the buzzwords of the spiritual community are finally becoming applicable to the business world. This new concept of business, however, doesn’t exclude the importance of making a profit. There is nothing wrong with profit in and of itself; it’s what drives business. The important point to understand is how is this profit being distributed.

When a profit is devoted to people, planet and, above all, a sense of purpose, we see a business enterprise prosper for the good of the whole. Positive intention is critical if we are to have lasting global change and this sense of purpose within an organization can have a trickle down effect to each employee. When individuals are empowered to contribute to a meaningful outcome we begin to see that most of us share positive values that we deeply believe in.

Thus, we are beginning to witness an emergent norm in all sectors of society acting as an attractor for higher consciousness to play its support role in a new kind of populism that represents a revolutionary break with the past. Rather than entertaining thoughts of going back to command-and-control leaders in government and business who stand for self-preservation at any cost, we need to cultivate co-leaders who understand that we are one people on a single planet, and that cooperative globalization in its most humanitarian form is the only way forward.

We will either break through to the ascending side of our evolutionary wave or breakdown, and there is no greater time in businesses and organizations to embrace this paradigm shift toward generosity and compassion. This is the true populism that is arising around the attractors in our collective soul telling us we are better than this, and that we shall prevail in reorganizing ourselves for the good of the whole. This new sense of purpose, with its associated passion for embracing the new paradigm shift, is rapidly becoming the driver of the entire bottom line of both business and spirituality, and ultimately, the survival of our species.


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    1. Dear Dana,
      Thank you for your comment that you wholeheartedly agree that we need a shift in consciousness. I also appreciate the link to Charles Eisentsein’s essay on Brexit, which warrants a response:
      While I have often quoted Charles Eisenstein and have, overall, enjoyed his writings, this particular article raises some serious concerns. I certainly agree with Eisenstein’s remark that we need to “let go of war mentality in politics, and replace it with compassion.” Maybe the author should then practice what he says, which is certainly not the case when he makes statements like:
      “There are in fact very sound reasons to be hostile to the E.U….”
      “The E.U. is a profoundly undemocratic institution…”
      “Perhaps Brexit will start the bubbles popping…bigger shocks are coming.”

      Somehow, advocating hostility towards the institution does not strike me as being compassionate. The E.U. Commission is democratically elected and the whole system, while still short on democracy, is a vast improvement on the U.S. system of power plays and super PACs. So, before we adopt the recommended hostility towards the E.U., let’s think about the E.U. from a different angle.
      I have been a resident of various countries in Europe for the last forty years. I have watched the continent grow from the lingering ravages of two world wars into a peace-loving and prosperous grouping of twenty-eight countries, working together in collaboration to break down borders and all the nationalistic stories of separation involved. I have watched with awe as the continent united and opened its borders with true compassion to hundreds of thousands of desperate refugees. The E.U. is a noble experiment in human cooperation, striving to help its closest neighbors. The Brexit vote was essentially a referendum on immigration, and lots of people are afraid of allowing the E.U. to demand that the U.K. keep its doors open to those who need refuge and opportunity. So, it was voted to shut those doors. That is a huge step backward. The E.U., for all of its many faults, has been the most progressive system moving towards a unifying world governance in the last fifty years. As a resident of Europe, I stand up and honor the efforts of the people of this continent that have created a “system” for twenty-eight nations to live in peace and with open borders.

  1. Very inspiring Emanual! Speaking to my experience of the positive change I have also experienced first-hand in my business. Let’s keep the movement rolling, and do what we can together to make this movement more “right before our eyes”.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Nick,
      Thank you for the comments. Your personal example of business management is an inspiration to all who are fortunate enough to be working along side you. You have found an admirable way of helping everyone to get their share of the pie in the right sort of way. Keep up the great work you do!

  2. Thank you for your compelling depiction of rising global populism expressed by the reactionary (homeostatic) camp and evolutionary one, and others. I believe a close scrutiny – imbued with honesty, love and compassion – of our thoughts, deeds and decisions is continuously required so that each of us can reinforce a spirit of positive change in ourselves and the world. Our vision for future humanity is intimately linked to the embodiment of our own personal vision. Blessings to you and our world!

  3. Yes, Yes, Yes…we must stand as True Ones in the New Reality and truly integrate Spirit in Business, Spirit in politics, Spirit in Life with compassion, collaboration, cooperation and communication! Thank you so much for your contribution Emanuel! Love and Hugs to all who know All Really Is Well!!! A’Ho!

    1. Hello Darity. All Reality is most definitely well! It couldn’t be any other way. The universe is a living being, and it grows, evolves and heals itself in the same seemingly miraculous way that all living beings do. It is our job to make sure everyone remembers that and keeps it in mind above the noise of the rhetoric occasionally roaring to the contrary. Love to you too.

  4. My principal purpose for almost 20 years continues to be helping people change their relationship to death so that they can accept death as their glorious birthright. This shift can go a long way towards helping us move from surviving to thriving.

    1. Dear Jane. Next month I hope to offer a few comments on our relationship to death. In the same manner that we cling to our separate and nationalistic identities in our fear of encroaching globalization, so too do our egos cling to their individuality for fear of it being swallowed up in the cosmic soup of the void. We tend to overlook the fact that our contributions to the good of the whole, whether as individual egos, unique cultures or nation states, will live on to the extent that they have been selfless and given through acts of love. The less we are concerned with or attached to our self preservation, the greater the legacy we leave.

  5. Pam, thank you for your wise comments. You are so right that a continuous scrutiny of our thoughts and deeds is necessary to make sure that we are always acting from honesty, love and compassion to keep us on the evolutionary path of higher values, and not falling into the overly-politicized atmosphere of our culture these days. Our personal vision eventually aligns with the core human sentiments of spiritual compassion, altruism, and respect for all people and the planet.

  6. Thank you so much for these deepening insights to the change that we cannot always see around us. So glad you are out there representing and sharing the much much larger picture. Peace, Jeannette

    1. Peace to you, Jeannette. I am so pleased that you and your good works are an integral part of that larger picture.

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