8 Transformative Moments in Ibiza’s Transit to Transformation Retreat

by Emanuel Kuntzelman, photos by retreat participant Megan Bhatia

Reflecting on a successful Transit to Transformation spiritual retreat in Ibiza, Spain, there were many incredible moments that made this experience very special. I thought I would share eight memories that stand out.


1.       Closing Ceremony at the Spiral overlooking Es Vedra

The high point for me was the closing session where we walked the spiral labyrinth overlooking Ibiza’s powerful energy spot – Es Vedra . Since I get so excited by octaves and spirals, to have discovered this beautifully made labyrinth on this scenic lookout point was very special. Evolution occurs in octaves, and in a spiral energy motion; so to find this form of 7, going on 8 rings, was about as exciting and magical place I could’ve found.

The setting was ideal for a final retreat ceremony. The clouds and mist shrouding Es Vedra cooled the afternoon for a moment as each participant made a personal journey through the spiral rings to affirm to the group their intention for transformation. It was a very moving experience that combined the will of the individual with the power of the collective.

To seal our affirmation, each person did a quantum leap through the spirals propelling the experience forward with positive momentum


2.       Meditation in Tanit’s Cave

Focusing on the feminine energy of the island, we had the unique opportunity to meditate in a sacred place that celebrated the powerful energy of the Goddess Tanit. It is here in the caves along the north side of the island of Ibiza,  that people came to perform rituals honoring Tanit. In the inner chambers, we gathered amongst the remnants of previous offerings and miniature sculptures, lighting our votive candles and incense in preparation for our meditation.

As we grew accustomed to the darkness, an extraordinary shaft of light spotlighted the altar as we began our ceremony, led by island local, Maria Serra. In celebration of compassion, we shared in songs of love, enjoying the magical resonance the cave walls provided before starting our meditation. The combined essence of this historical location with the acoustics and vibrational frequency of the group’s voices was really incredible.


3.       Snorkeling Meditations in the Mediterranean

Snorkeling was definitely one of the magical moments on this retreat. I really feel that creating a meditation through this activity is a fantastic way to connect with the field. You can hear and feel your deep breathing, making you much more aware of the rhythmic breath. Once you are able to synchronize your breathing with your breast strokes, you can find yourself in a relaxed state. Not to mention the beautiful underwater scene of sparkling shafts of light, silver fish darting in the background and the awe inspiring ecosystem that fills you with gratitude for our amazing planet. The large group of participants excited to share in this experience was a true joy.


4.     Personal Sharing of Transformative Practices at the Buddha House

One on one sharing during our workshop session at the Buddha House was incredibly inspiring and moving.  The setting couldn’t have been more perfect being perched high on the hilltop with the pine trees blowing gently in the breeze as we exchanged our future commitments to enrich and enhance our spiritual practices.


5.       Meditation at Heaven’s Gate

After a scenic and silent walk on the cliff tops with its plunging vistas and sparkling turquoise water peeking through the lush foliage of the trail, we arrived at the ruins of an old, Ibisinco homestead for a group meditation. There was a tangible feeling of love and light among the group that truly made the afternoon special.


6.       Global Oneness Meditation and Celebration

For me, this global meditation and celebration was extremely meaningful. At the local level, having the meditation take place at the Casita Verde, which has been such an important part of what Greenheart has been doing for the past 13 years, made me so proud of what everyone has done to create this special place in Ibiza. Between the homemade dinner, the talented musicians, the conversations happening in a number of different languages and the singing, I really felt the celebration represented the global spirit of joy and love.


7.       Exploring the Dalt Vila and Soaking in the Atmosphere of Ibiza

The overall environment of the Dalt Vila is rich with history and energy. The cobblestone road outside of the Hotel Navila was laid in 654 B.C., and when you think about the number of people who have journeyed across that same path, it is quite powerful. Ibiza itself played an important role in this retreat, with its families and children playing in the labyrinth of walkways, the cathedral bells signaling the hour and the moon rising over the ramparts; it all coalesced into a perfect setting for a transformative retreat.


8.       The Retreat Presenters

I feel we got Ibiza’s best in terms of spiritual leaders and teachers. The diverse workshops gave the group a vast ray of knowledge that sparked inspiration and motivation for individuals pursuing their personal path.  From Jerry and Sabina Brownstein’s Happiness and Harmony workshop to Jean Sylvain’s morning Qi Gong sessions, each presenter shared a piece of their spirituality and practice that we can all carry with us in our daily lives.

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