Why We All Need Emotional Balance in this Transformative Shift

It is critical that as we experience the spiritual shift in consciousness that we remain balanced mentally. This means remaining present, open and emotionally intelligent. If we are to successfully evolve as spiritual beings, we must be balanced and centered in our psychological perspectives, and by that I mean seeing the other side of the story to enable us to be reasonably sympathetic to the “opposition.”

Shifting from Material Scarcity to Spiritual Abundance through Technology

For those close to me, my confidence in our technological advancements might seem very unlikely. While I might not be the biggest technology buff around and am probably the last man on earth without a cell phone, I do recognize that technology has to be a big part of the solution. Once we are able to break through the cultural conditioning that has enslaved us to material scarcity, humanity as a whole will be able to focus on the new light of spiritual abundance.